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What channel modes does DarkMyst offer its users and how do I use them?

A 'channel mode' is a flag added as metadata to a channel to affect its behaviour, using the /mode #channel <mode> command (e.g. /mode #channel +s).


No external messages. Only channel members may talk or send messages to the channel.

Topic lock. Only opped (+o users) may set the topic.

Secret. Channel will not appear in /whois or /list.

Private. Disables /knock to the channel.

Moderated. Only opped or voice users may talk in channel.

Invite only. Users must be sent an invitation (/invite) or match +I to join the channel.

Registered users only. Only users identified to services may join.

Only registered users can speak. This is an alias for +q $~a and does not show up separately in the channel mode list when set.

No color. All color codes in messages are stripped.

Free invite. Everyone may /invite users.

Op moderated. Messages blocked by +m, +b, and +q are instead sent to current channel ops.

Large ban list. Increases the number of possible +b, +e, +I, and +q entries. Can only be set by an oper.

Permanent. Channel does not disappear when empty. Can only be set by an oper.

Free target. Anyone may set forwards to this channel, instead of just ops.

Disable forward. Users cannot be forwarded to this channel. New forwards can still be set subject to +F.

NPC mode. Allows the use of /NPC, /NPCA, and /SCENE.

Disable CTCP. All CTCP messages to the channel, excluding ACTION are disallowed.


+f <channel>
Forwards users who cannot join because of +i, +j, +l or +r. /mode #channel +f #channel2

+j <count:time>
Join throttle. Limits the number of joins to the channel at once. /mode #channel +j count:time
[@todo example?! what unit is 'time' in?!]

+k <password>
Key. Requires users to issue /join #channel <password> to join. /mode #channel +k correctHorseBatteryStaple

+l <number>
Limit. Imposes a maximum number of users allowed in the channel. /mode #channel +l limit

+v <nickname>
Voice. Allows user to talk in a +m channel. /mode #channel +v Waldo

+o <nickname>
Ops. Allows a user full control over a channel. /mode #channel +o Waldo

+b <hostmask>
Ban. Prevents a user from entering a channel. If a user is already in the channel, +b prevents them from sending to channel or changing nicks, based on a nick!ident@host match. /mode channel +b Troublemaker!*@some.isp.com

+q <hostmask>
Quiet. Prevents a user from sending to the channel or changing nick, based on a nick!ident@host match. A user who is +q may still join the channel. /mode channel +q Troll!*@some.isp.com

+e <hostmask>
Exempt. A user may join or send to a channel even if they are +b or +q, based on a nick!ident@host match. /mode channel +e Troll!dndroleplayer@some.isp.com

+I <hostmask>
Invite exempt. A user with +I may join a +i channel without an invite, based on a nick!ident@host match. /mode #channel +I Veteran!*@some.isp.com