DarkMyst Web Chat

If you already know what channel you want to join, chatting is just a quick click away:


Just enter your nickname and the channel name into the form. You can connect simply using your web-browser. Alternately, if you have an IRC client on your PC, you can connect via irc.darkmyst.org.

Not finding anyone to talk to? Try these tips!

Bookmarking: If you wish to bookmark a page to access DarkMyst's web chat, please bookmark this one and not the pages presented to you after you click “Login”.

Help! What channel should I join?

This page is meant for advanced users who know which community they would like to visit. DarkMyst is home to a variety of communities and we recommend that you start there if you are new to DarkMyst.

However, here are a few hot spots that may be of interest to you: