Acceptable Use Policy

Network Policy

Although DarkMyst attempts to be fairly liberal in what is allowed and what isn’t, there are some things which are not permitted. Any activities which harm the fabric of the network and any actions deemed illegal will be dealt with severely. These things are, but not limited to:

We are required BY LAW to report any illegal activities to the appropriate authority and will have no hesitation to do so, DarkMyst is bound by and respects the laws of various jurisdictions including (but not limited to) United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Holland, Singapore, EU and various US states.

DarkMyst is a privately owned and operated network run by volunteers. The DarkMyst Network reserves the right to deny anyone access to the network at any time.

Security Measures
DarkMyst restricts access to the network in several ways to ensure good security against malicious and/or irritating users.

Complaint Resolution
Complaints against users of harassment or abuse should be directed to the staff in #help with complete logs. In most cases the following advice will be given:

Note that community (channel) operations are at the discretion of their staff; DarkMyst network staff will not assist with allegations of “unfair bans” by community (channel) staff.

Complaints against staff should be directed to Suzthulhu, Keiro, Vecna, or Ryan in private with full logs, do NOT complain about DarkMyst staff publicly as this may be misinterpreted as a personal attack and result in a ban.

Contesting Network Bans
To contest a network-wide ban, send an e-mail to with all relevant details such as IP, nickname and the error message(s) received.