DarkMyst Staff

DarkMyst's staff is composed of people all across globe, representing every server on the network. All current staff members are listed here along with their home server and position(s) on the network.

If you are interested in volunteering for the network, please check out our staff application page.


Nickname Home Server Position
ccallahan nebula Admin Coordinator
Nymphetamine maple Support Coordinator
Vecna nebula Network Coordinator


Nickname Home Server Position
^^D`Jet^^ atlanta IRC Operator
BLusk paralysis IRC Operator
deltaTime maple IRC Operator
Iradu - Support Staff
Jill_the_Ripper prometheus Support Staff
Kin - Support Staff
pleia2 nebula IRC Operator
RedJenny - Support Staff


Nickname Home Server Position
dbaser atlanta Server Administrator
dgram odyssey Server Administrator
Dread paralysis Server Administrator
ET-SR atlanta Server Administrator
Keiro phoenix Server Administrator
PierreW flame Server Administrator
Reh paralysis Server Administator
Ryan nebula Server Administator
Webtricity malkav IRC Operator
Xelco maple Server Administrator