DarkMyst Servers

All of the following IRC servers are part of the DarkMyst IRC network, which means that no matter which one you connect to, you will always join the same place. However, to ensure the highest speed and reliability, we recommend that you use the server that is closest to you geographically.

You can connect to any DarkMyst server with SSL by using port 6697.

If you’re on IPv6, you can either connect directly to irc.darkmyst.org or use one of the IPv6-capable servers below.

If you are interested in applying to link a server to DarkMyst, please visit our server application to view the requirements and procedures.

Server Location IPv6 support Owner
abyss.nl.eu.darkmyst.org Netherlands   dgram
maple.on.ca.darkmyst.org Ontario (Canada) Xelco
nebula.uk.eu.darkmyst.org United Kingdom   Ryan
odyssey.de.eu.darkmyst.org Germany dgram
paralysis.tx.us.darkmyst.org Texas (USA) Dread
phoenix.nsw.au.darkmyst.org Australia Keiro