Network coordinator change
Posted by Neike on 07 May 2017, 21:11:33.

Ever since Darkmyst's conception in 1998, Ryan has been the network coordinator for Darkmyst, driving Darkmyst's volunteer projects with his vision of the future of IRC and the roleplaying community. In recent years he's had to sacrifice more and more of his time for real life. In consequence, he's now passed the baton to Dread.

The public announcement in #darkmyst was followed up by a Q&A session. If you were unable to participate, know that you can always reach out to staff through #help, or chat to Dread directly.

Q&A conversation logs:

Raw: test-links
Posted by Ryan on 23 Mar 2014, 15:31:56.

DarkMyst is proud to announce the test-link of, located in Quebec, Canada and administered by sps. Pending a successful trial, this server would be ideal for many of our Canadian users.

Staff member pleia2 to support schools in Ghana
Posted by Ryan on 18 Sep 2012, 23:44:58.

Last month, DarkMyst staff member pleia2 was in contact with Computer Reach, a non-profit organization that provides technology to much needed communities. Today, she announced that she would spend approximately three weeks in Ghana to deploy Edubuntu desktops in schools, in an effort to provide them with much-needed technology and resources.

Volunteering is nothing new to pleia2. Not only does she act as Support Coordinator on DarkMyst, but she is also actively manages ubuntu-women, a community focused on the popular Linux distribution ubuntu that aims to foster women contributors and community involvement through mentoring and inspiration. She is also actively involved in the open source community, and has been an incredible influence on the Linux community, as well as DarkMyst.

We would like to take some time to recognize her for her hard work and dedication. She could also use your support in obtaining the last bit of funding that she needs to be able to afford the trip. Further information can be found on her blog at Whether it's a small donation of $5 or something more significant, it will help a great deal with helping her in reaching her goal. Thanks for your consideration!

Are you ready for the next Multiverse?
Posted by Ryan on 15 Jul 2012, 03:11:58.

Multiverse is an event sponsored by DarkMyst that brings together the entire IRC role-playing community for one action-packed weekend of non-stop roleplay. Further information about Multiverse can be found at

The next Multiverse will start at 7pm EST on Friday, August 17th and will end at the end of the day on Sunday, August 19th.

This event will offer bigger, better, and more prizes. It will also offer more events and is sure to be exciting! There are also going to be a few new concepts being implemented during this Multiverse, so be sure to read this article in full. Further details on the next Multiverse will also be announced in future emails.

Channel Events

Channel owners and storytellers can sign up to host an event for their channel immediately. These events are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis, but efforts will be made to accommodate everyone. Events can be up to three hours long and the lead storyteller has ultimate control over everything with the event - number of players allowed, genre, character sheet or dice requirements, etc. In order to sign up, please send an email directly to me with your preferred time slot as well as a 'teaser' of the event. Examples from the old Multiverse can temporarily be found at ttp:// If you are going to have any special requirements, please include that in your teaser information.

Only one event per channel is initially allowed. After July 27th, the schedule will become open to additional events.

You may view the current schedule here.

Open Play Characters/Events

This is a new concept that will start during this Multiverse to make open play even more exciting. These sign-ups and events are not intended to be full-fledged events, but rather minor events or special characters that can add to the atmosphere of the open play and encourage activity. For example, a special guest to the tavern, an entertainer or comedian, a bartender, a cook, or numerous other potential creative ideas that you might come up with! Minor events that impact the atmosphere may be acceptable, but generally nothing that would require the full attention of the tavern.

I am going to try and be fairly lenient regarding the sign-ups for this, but please only sign up if you fully intend on playing the character and will be available during the slots that you sign up for. Multiple characters/sign-ups during the same time periods may be allowed, depending on the nature of the characters/mini-event involved.

This type of sign-up can also be used as a 'hook' in the tavern for channel events to draw players into your event.

To sign up, please e-mail me details of what you intend on playing or doing in the tavern.

You may view the current schedule here.


This Multiverse offers:

1. gift cards: Gift cards redeemable to many of your favorite restaurants, i.e. $25 off a $40 purchase. You choose the restaurant!
2. One of the largest RPG download stores on the web. Purchase e-books or regular books of your favorite titles!
3. gift cards: It's Amazon. No need for explanation!

Hundreds of dollars in total value will be given away during this event. Exact prize packages will be detailed in a future email. In addition to prize packages being offered to the most active players, we will have some other special give-aways as well. To maximize your potential to win, be sure to participate in Multiverse as much as possible and in every aspect of the event. Some players may even be eligible to receive multiple prizes!


The reason Multiverse exists is to bring the entire RP community together for an entire weekend of non-stop play. It's about players engaging other players that they typically don't play with, giving channels an opportunity to introduce what they are all about in front of the entire community, and most importantly - having fun. Multiverse cannot be a success without the support and participation of the entire community, from the newbie who has never tried IRC role-playing before, to the veteran player, to each and every RP channel owner out there.

If you run a game, please encourage your players to participate in both open play and events! We've had numerous channels in the past even offer incentives to their players for playing a character in Multiverse. It's great to see channels promote the event through topics, incentives, and word-of-mouth. It truly makes a difference with the success of the event. Let's make this the best Multiverse yet, and work together to continue to re-invigorate the community and IRC RP. If you run a game, I am very interested in hearing about any efforts that you may be making to encourage your players to play an active role in Multiverse.


If you have any questions, please contact Ryan on IRC.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Expanding staff
Posted by Ryan on 11 Mar 2012, 15:05:55.

DarkMyst is always looking for talented, dedicated staff members to expand our pool of talent and improve our infrastructure in order to provide the best network possible.

If you'd like to volunteer to become a staff member, please review our staff application page for a list of available positions.

DarkMyst is also open to server applications! If you have a stable datacenter server with available bandwidth and resources, please review and submit our server application

Services and IRCd transition
Posted by Ryan on 11 Jun 2011, 03:48:16.

DarkMyst is about to undergo some exciting changes: We’re upgrading the base software our servers and services run with – to unlock a slew of new features and possibilities. We’ve been pursuing this thought for a while now, in an effort to modernise the network and enhance your experience. We’ve been exceptionally critical about every aspect of this upgrade and decided to leverage the support of the atheme services package along with the charybdis irc daemon. We’ve been working together with the development teams of the respective software packages to ensure that the features and capabilities are compatible with the needs of one of the largest role-playing and gaming networks on IRC, and can provide the exceptional quality that you’ve come to expect from us.

Additionally, I’m happy to announce that with these changes, DarkMyst’s development efforts are going open source. The functionality that you see in our services will be available to the general public. An exception to this may include our security services that are used to protect the network from bot attacks and spam.

As a result of these changes, the network will need to be temporarily shut down at some point as we transition over to the new software. We anticipate that this switchover will be very quick (i.e. a matter of minutes) and we will be working diligently to make sure that the disruptions are kept to a minimal.

There will be a vast amount of changes that will alter the way that you use our services. Our support team is currently in the process of learning about the new software and will be available to assist you with any questions once everything is switched over. We will also be working on updating our website and extensive collection of documentation.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the atheme team; specifically nenolod and jdhore. We would also like to extend a special thanks to elly and kevin, who were part of the development efforts on our side and contributed code to atheme to make some of the functionality and features match what you’ve become used to on DarkMyst. Working with the atheme team has been a great experience and incredibly rewarding, and I’ve personally learned a great deal from the process. Their hard work and dedication to both atheme and implementing the changes required to meet the needs of DarkMyst has been phenomenal.

This transition is going to allow DarkMyst more flexibility to provide you with an even better and more powerful network. We appreciate your support during this process. More information about the new services will be released soon, including what exciting new features you can expect and a better schedule of when these changes will be implemented.

I would like to personally address any questions or concerns that our users may have. You can reach me (Ryan) on IRC if you have any inquiries about this transition.

Thank you,

Network Coordinator, DarkMyst IRC network delink
Posted by Ryan on 11 Jun 2011, 03:45:52.

Due to real life obligations, elly - admin of - had announced that would be delinked from the network due to lack of time. We would like to thank elly for her contributions to the network and wish her the best with her future endeavors and new career!

Posted by Ryan on 12 May 2011, 23:03:16.

DarkMyst would like to welcome, located in California. With this new server, we welcome back former staff member peer!

Multiverse: Chapter 3 is coming soon!
Posted by Ryan on 19 Mar 2011, 18:15:46.

Prepare the caffeine once again, clear your calendar, mark the date, and prepare for a weekend of on-going and exciting role-playing with other players from across the entire community! Multiverse: Chapter 3 is just around the corner!

Multiverse is a freeform, multi-genre, multi-world event where you can truly bring creativity to life. Players from across all communities, all IRC networks, and all parts of the world are invited to participate in this creative writing and IRC-based role-playing event.

The last Multiverse event was hosted in November, which means we're due for another one in May. Right now it is currently slated to start the evening of Friday, May 13th at 7pm EST and end the evening of Sunday, May 15th.

As you can see, it's been decided to shift back to a purely weekend schedule since that seemed to work out better for most people. The Multiverse website will be updated as further information becomes available.

Channels will be given an opportunity to sign up for an event first, and then we're going to let individual storytellers/GMs sign up afterwards. To sign up, please contact Ryan on DarkMyst. The event schedule has been revamped to show the start time for each event rather than a time period, and allows for each event to take up to three hours of time. If you're hosting an event and wish to submit a teaser about it, please submit that as well and it will be posted on the website for folks to read. As usual, free form role-play will always be taking place in the in-character channels as well.

Raffles will be done again and the prizes will be better than ever! We're still working out the details and will post them soon.

DarkMyst is very excited to host this event again and we look forward to seeing players from across the entire community come together and participate in this amazing and fun event! We look forward to seeing all of you there!

Posted by Ryan on 28 Oct 2010, 10:40:21.

DarkMyst would like to welcome, located in Australia. This new server will provide much better connectivity for our Australian users, and offers a direct link to our servers on the west coast of the US.

Announcing Multiverse: Chapter 2
Posted by Ryan on 05 Sep 2010, 18:29:03.

A few months ago, DarkMyst sponsored and founded a unique, network-wide IRC role-playing event called Multiverse.

Between the time we hosted the last event and today, the network has obtained quite a few new channels and players. A number of these games and players have expressed a deep interest in the launch of another Multiverse event, as have a few of the channels that participated last time.

The next event is currently being planned and will be scheduled to launch sometime in November.

Given the success of the last event and the fact that it was widely appreciated and applauded by those who participated, many things will remain the same, and some changes will be made:

* The game will continue to be run and moderated by the game owners on DarkMyst.

* The OOC channel will be #rpg-hub.

* At launch, we will have a minimal of four in-character channels. This will help prevent the overwhelming chaos that we experienced at the start of the last event.

* More plots, storylines, and quests: Each game on the network will have the opportunity to create their own plot twist, storyline, or quest, and utilize the entire user base of the network. GMs will be able to continue to utilize the portal system to bring the group to a different scene, or if desired, an entirely different world.

* We will continue to offer more mature/adult gaming in a specific channel (upstairs).

* The game will continue to be free form, however GMs will be allowed to use a very basic dice system as part of their plot/quest/storyline development.

Game owners - start thinking of what plots you might be interested in developing! :)

More specific dates and an updated version of the Multiverse website,, will be announced soon.

Posted by Ryan on 05 Sep 2010, 18:28:31.

DarkMyst would like to welcome, located in California. This will provide users in the US with an expanded server selection for connecting to the network, and will also provide excellent connectivity for those users located in Australia.

Introducing the all new
Posted by Ryan on 03 Sep 2010, 03:58:10.

DarkMyst is proud to announce the launch of it's transitional website for This website is designed specifically for our IRC role-playing community and #rpg-hub. It offers a web-based list of all of the OOC IRC RPG channels on DarkMyst and offers free web-hosting, a forum for advertising games, and tutorials.

This website is still very much a work in progress, and was designed as a transitional site for an even better one that will be launched in the future.

Introducing Multiverse: The network-wide IRC RPG
Posted by Ryan on 10 Jul 2010, 16:01:47.

Multiverse is an event sponsored by DarkMyst. It is a freeform, multi-genre, multi-world event where you can truly bring creativity to life.

Players across all communities and all networks will gather to partake in a single, one-day role-playing event.

Please review the Multiverse Website for further information.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Posted by Ryan on 08 May 2010, 23:51:08.

DarkMyst would like to welcome, located in California. This will provide users in the US with an expanded server selection for connecting to the network.

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