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"I would ask you how you're feeling if it weren't so plainly apparent."


#quasishraa is the OOC hub for Avishraa, a long-standing and much-revised setting created by Shyriath, originally as background for a character, but now as a worldbuilding project and RP setting in its own right. There are several playable species, all of whom are dragonlike: the takmar, who are the most advanced and numerous; the Chosen, a variety of takmar with small stature but the inborn ability to use magic; and the xtauh, smaller still and less cohesive, but more flexible in habitat.




Most takma societies are at the level of the Middle Ages, but it depends where you look. Some are still at a Bronze Age or even Stone Age level, and the presence of magic can skew things out of human paradigms entirely.




There will likely be violent or sexual themes from time to time, but not actual gore or smut.


There are no stats, sheets, or dice, but Shyriath reserves the right to approve any character to be introduced. If you'd like guidance on what would be appropriate and what wouldn't, feel free to ask!


On a habitable moon orbiting a gas giant, there are dragons. But not your sit-alone-in-a-cave, eating-princesses-and-hoarding-gold dragons, but dragons with cities and culture and technology! Magic is not available to all, but those born with it are beginning to make themselves felt, and kinds that can be learned are starting to spread. Soon, they will change the world.


Avishraa is a setting more than a storyline, and much remains to be discovered about it. Within the constraints of what's already known, a lot is possible, and its creator is willing to listen to ideas.