Thank you for your consideration!

I'm Ryan, the network coordinator and founder of DarkMyst. I have been running DarkMyst as a purely expense-only operation since it was founded in December of 1998. Throughout DarkMyst's entire twelve year history, I've always stood my ground when it comes to my philosophy with donations and money: IRC is free, and should remain free. Users should never feel obligated to donate or feel guilty for not contributing financially. As a result, we have never directly solicited for donations or even offered a means of obtaining them.

However, after a small group of users brought up the subject, I decided to add a small text link our site for those users that are interested in contributing to DarkMyst.

Donating financially

Donating financially allows us the most flexibility, so it's the preferred method of donating. It's hard for me to ignore the fact that with additional funds beyond what I can provide to the network, we have better opportunities to improve it. There are a lot of projects that have been put on the back burner simply because it's not affordable or feasible to do with only the money that I can personally provide. Today, some of our servers are funded personally, as are network events such as Multiverse.

Below, you will find a button to allow you to contribute to the network via PayPal. After clicking the button, simply input the amount that you wish to donate and click on the "Update" button. You will then be required to sign into your PayPal account. Small or large, your donation will be greatly appreciated. Please include the nickname that you use on DarkMyst when donating so that I know who to thank personally, unless you prefer to keep your contribution anonymous. Thank you for your consideration and patronage!

Donating hardware

If you would like to make a hardware donation - whether it be legacy or modern equipment - please contact me (Ryan on IRC) with the items you have available to contribute. If it would be a helpful contribution, then additional information on donating it will be provided.

In general, servers or desktops are the most valuable hardware commodity that could be used to benefit the network.

Linking a server

Our server application can be found here. As an alternative, you may also speak with me if you wish to fund a server but do not have the time to run and manage one.

Donating time and talent

DarkMyst is always looking for talented people for specialized roles. While we aren't always looking to fill every role because they are already filled, you may visit our staff application page and check out roles that are currently available to be applied for.

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