DarkMyst is proud to offer one of the most extensive and comprehensive collections of help files available. Our available documentation is listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our FAQs cover how to connect to DarkMyst for the first time, it's user and channel modes, and extensive documents in Q/A form on every command and function within our services.
This Walkthrough gives a quick rundown of how to register and nickname and set up a channel.
Services Reference Manual
Our online services help files are navigable, web-friendly copies of the help files that are available on IRC.
List of IRC Clients
If you're new to IRC and want to download an IRC client, this page will be a wonderful resource to find out what's available.
Server Application
If you're looking become apart of a leading IRC network by sponsoring a server, filling out this document is one of the first steps.
Acceptable Use Policy
The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) goes over the rules and regulations of the DarkMyst IRC network. By connecting to DarkMyst, you agree with the rules listed on this page.

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