Why should I choose DarkMyst for my IRC RPG or gaming community?

We understand that choosing an IRC network for your IRC RPG or gaming community is a very important decision. DarkMyst prides itself on delivering a level of quality and user experience that is above and beyond what is expected and surpasses what you will find on other IRC networks. As a result, we have a growing reputation for being the best network for role-playing and gaming channels of all kinds.

To start, DarkMyst has been going strong for more than ten years. We have shown great resilience to a global decline in overall IRC usage, and have either maintained our user base or grown during times when nearly all other networks have lost users. We feel strongly that our core belief of providing the most high quality chat community available has enabled us to maintain our user base and grow.

DarkMyst also goes above and beyond to promote the network and the communities that use us. Many other IRC networks popular amongst the role-playing and gaming communities do not do this. As a result, on these other networks what you'll get is a stale player base that is simply recycled over time. On DarkMyst, we promote our network through extensive search engine advertising and targeted advertising on a number of role-playing and gaming websites. This allows us to pull in new users and introduce them to the network and help them find the community that is perfect for them.

In comparison to other IRC networks of similar size and even many larger networks, our website receives a high amount of traffic. We use this to our advantage by making our website extremely "new user friendly" and by promoting our communities to those users. We have many other exciting things on the way as well as we continue to develop new ways to promote and grow our communities, all while allowing them to enjoy one of the most stable and high quality IRC networks available.

Our commitment to role-playing and gaming communities is even present in our network services. We provide an innovative GameServ service that has a set of features unique to DarkMyst. We were proud to be the first network to deliver a full featured service specifically designed for role-playing channels. GameServ offers features such as multiple styles of die suited for Dungeons and Dragons, World of Darkness, the New World of Darkness, and many other systems. We also provide a calculator, rock/paper/scissors, a magic eightball and spin the bottle, all designed to make running your game easier and a lot more fun.

In 2010, we introduced RPGServ, an innovative search engine service that allows a channel to submit a complete profile about their game including genre, period, ruleset, rating (i.e. PG, R, etc), and systems used by the game (i.e. dice, character approval, etc). It also allows a channel to input information about their setting and storyline as well as an overall summary. This eliminates the need to have to go through an exhaustive process of searching for channels, joining each one of them, visiting their website and/or observing for hours, and asking questions - all just to figure out if it's remotely suitable for them. Additionally, our #rpg-hub channel exists to provide new and existing role-players with a common ground. The purpose of the channel is to act as a social environment for role-players and to provide a place for potential players to get assistance with finding a suitable community based off what they're looking for.

If you're ready to settle in, we'd like to invite you to visit our walkthrough page which will provide you with instructions on registering your nickname and channel. Our help and support page can also provide you with further assistance, including the ability to speak to a live person on our support team if desired.

We look forward to seeing your community on the network. As always, if you have any questions or if there is any way we can help accommodate your community, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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