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Channel Users Topic
#rpg-hub 41 (g) Welcome to #rpg-hub, the IRC roleplayer's OOC hub! Need help locating a certain type of game? Ask! Visit our website for a channel list and rules at and =channels, RPGserv via /msg RPGServ HELP.
#superheroine... 41 (g) 18+ only Superheroine RPG channel. Channel website, Bulletinboard, rules and talk to the Fez at | A guide to survive ShiP - | A FRIENDLY REMINDER: SHIP is a spoiler free place! Moontablet Introductions - !createprofile for more info Registration Answer - Tinflot
#bdi*ooc 41 (g) OOC for #BlkDragon*Inn and #BDI*Outside ~ A High Fantasy RP channel ~ ~ News: June 4: Check out BDI’s Discord server: ms/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=14 23 May 26: Margo’s hiatus: s/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=142 1
#darkmyst 37 (g) Welcome to DarkMyst's general chat channel! For help, please join #help. For IRC role-playing chat and assistance in finding a game, please join #rpg-hub. DarkMyst is accepting server applications, visit p.txt.
#blkdragon*inn 27 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Additional channel: #BDI*Outside ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: Mar 14: The vampires of Lathrelk have been defeated: ms/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=13 76&p=3258#p3258 Mar 4: State of the Channel 2019: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1394
#bdi*outside 24 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Main channel: #BlkDragon*Inn ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: Mar 14: The vampires of Lathrelk have been defeated: ms/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=13 76&p=3258#p3258 Mar 4: State of the Channel 2019: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1394
#is.upper.deck 19 (g)
#dataclaw 19 (g) welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: Tarnish // Nightshade ::]] topic: <Dread> <Valcen> Comfortable given the circumstance? <Baishar> please die in a fire. ...I mean, yes.
#irpg 19 (g) IdleRPG - | To Register: /msg IdleRPG register <char name> <password> <char class> | To Login: /msg IdleRPG login <account> <password> | /msg IdleRPG help -- for more info
#aeons_ooc 18 (g) - Dice & Sheet oWoD - RP set in New Orleans & Baton Rouge Areas - Modified Vampire (Camarilla/Independant/Sabbat) / Shifter / Mage / Wraith / Changeling / Mortal+
#is.below.deck 14 (g)
#help 14 (g) DarkMyst IRC Network Support | Please state your question and wait patiently for a response. Thank you! Please do not idle here and /part when you are finished so others can receive help in confidence. Thank you.
#ruincrawl 12 (g) The OOC chan for #ravynhold
#ravynhold 12 (g) FFRP - Fantasy Industrial Era RP - Just north of the City of Laspas stretches a tower and its surrounding ancillary buildings. #ruincrawl for OOC
#bdi*guardhouse 12 (g) The Guardhouse -- An OOC chat for members of the Civic Guard, Port Authority and Coast Guard of Drache - NEW ANNOUNCEMENT from Lieutenant Idelle Habiri: Re: Conflict of Interests: ewtopic.php?f=10&t=1182
#sanctum-ooc 12 (g) IC Channel: #Sanctum | Dice Room: #Sanctum-Dice | Forum: Under Construction | Discord: | ST Email: | The channel has reopened! Msg an op if you're new and wish to join us! |
#aiterplobby 11 (g) Welcome to the Aite Mass Effect RP's OoC Lobby! | Our RP hubs are #Miner'sRespite and #RedrockAgency | Visit our forums at php?title=Main_Page | Current month: December 2185
#fn_ooc 11 (g) (18+) out of character chat room for #Final_Nights & #Vampirehall affiliated oWoD RP channels. Check forums for announcements & other general info at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/ & visit our website at: https://castleeterna.wixsite.c om/home. Message an OP to join our RP family.
#bd_ooc 10 (g) Welcome to the #Broken_Dagger OOC room! | Medieval Fantasy Free-Form Roleplay | Respect for all is a must. | Visit our website: | New players: /viewtopic.php?t=4706
#sd_ooc 9 (g) Welcome to the OOC room for Silent Delirium, an 18+ World of Darkness channel. We are accepting new characters, and stay tuned for updates, as we are still under construction! IC Room: #Silent_Delirium Setting and Game Information will be changing shortly.
#red-curtain 9 (g) Welcome to the Red Curtain Project channel. For more information on RCP, please visit . There a number of games of different types that are open to new players. Please speak with a GM ( }o{ or [-oo-] ) if you are interested.
#freeform 9 (g) welcome to #freeform // [OOC] // [[:: freeform RPG hub ::]] quote: "I'm time. You've asked for me a lot the past few months. I thought I'd call." | /start
#ch*ooc 8 (g) Superhero Inspired Roleplay Out of Character Channel for #Cobalt*Hill and #CH*Beyond | Character sheet required for play, please. | Visit us at [ cobalt ] | Cobalt Official Peeps: Looking for new players. Password: Cellar Door.
#mlpfim-peanuts 8 (g) NO S9 SPOILERS PLZ | Welcome to the Lusty Seapony (MLP-FiM freeform rp) peanut gallery. Logs and basic game info can be located over at Ask around if ponies are a thing y'all want to rp, we're a welcoming (if slightly crazy) bunch. Adults only, as the rp occasionally dips into very NSFW territory. Main rp chan: #mlpfim-rp
#is.candc 8 (g)
#wod-sf-ooc 8 (g) #WoD-SF-OOC: OOC chat and dice channel for #WoD-San_Francisco. Please PM an ST about creating a character. | Site: http://wod.crescent-moon-studi Mail: | Story progression on Saturdays at 6 PM EST | 8 (g) Official channel for
#bdi*quests 8 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Main channels: #BlkDragon*Inn & #BDI*Outside ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ Current Quest: None
#mlpfim-rp 8 (g) Actual roleplaying channel of The Lusty Seapony. Please boink over to #mlpfim-peanuts for OOC chats. Golden rule of rp: if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!
#eden`ooc 8 (g) sheeted cwod: vtm: https://neweden.obsidianportal .com/ , #eden`dome (core play channel) #eden`Elysium core vampire #NML`Caern core shifter http://nomansland.obsidianport
#cobalt*hill 8 (g) Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay Cobalt Hill, Salem Massachusetts, and everything in between. | Character sheet required for play, approvals within 1 week! | Visit us at [ cobalt ] #CH*OOC for out-of-character chat and #CH*Beyond for off-grounds play.
#broken_dagger 8 (g) Welcome to our Freeform Fantasy Role-Play channel! For OOC chat join #BD_OOC | | Respect for all is a must. | A steady drizzle washes away the last grey winter snow. The sunlight is wan and watery, and the evenings bitter cold.
#d20_dice 8 (g) may you have a safe memorial day
#sanctum 8 (g) Salutations! We invite you to join us in #Sanctum-OOC ) (+18)(Must Register PC to play) Setting: The Eyrie is a vast series of elegant buildings integrated into the natural features of a vast plateau set into the mountainside. Eyrie Img| g g
#erics_d20_ir... 8 (g) Welcome to the game..
#news 7 (g) Welcome to #NEWS ~~ Watch the 24/7 newsfeed crawl ~~
#narshe 7 (g) Caves of Narshe Chat || Prefer Discord? RXAA2P || It is inadvisable to attempt to break a reptile egg to remove it from an egg-bound female.
#bdi*ops 7 (g) Welcome to #BDI*Ops! The help channel for #BlkDragon*Inn, #BDI*Outside, #BDI*Quests and #BDI*Arena -- The answer to the forums registration question is "Murphy". Please wait for an op response.
#nmmz 7 (g) No girls allowed. >:|
#final_nights 7 (g) (18+) IC main chan for #Final_Nights & #Vampirehall affiliated oWoD RP channels. Check forums regularly for announcements & other general info at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/ & visit our website at: https://castleeterna.wixsite.c om/home. Message an OP to join our RP family, Please Email all Character Sheets to
#tztrivia 7 (g) The old Aussie Trivia from TZ with all new scores| .commands for all commands | ~ for a hint, q to repeat last question, .topday .topever .topweek .topmonth .stats nick .info .rules | have fun! :)
#ch*beyond 7 (g) Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay Missions. special events, and optional off-grounds and simulator play for #Cobalt*Hill - See #CH*OOC for Out of Character talk. | Character sheet required for play! | [ cobalt ]
#is.repairs 7 (g)
#ballakav 6 (g)
#goldhaven 6 (g) '<>Fantasy FFRP<> Blue Knights reemerge attacking Cadre and releasing parchment calling for the downfall of the Magnar monarchy || 75F, Cloudy || |||| Ooc to #Jaguartower ||||| 2 years of rp!
#fn_dice 6 (g) Welcome to #Final_nights dice channel. Commands are are !dice and !sdice for Pablo and `wod # diff for server dice.
#idlerpg 6 (g) If you would like to play, please review for how to begin :)
#aussietrivia 6 (g) .»©«. Bogus Trivia is back. Great questions and huge KAOS points. All Trivia channels are listed on the webpage. http://www.irctriviachannels.y .»©«.
#lost_souls_t... 6 (g) All OOC in (( brackets )) please. #dragongate for OOC. for our setting info. nice (65+) at night but effing hot (90+) during the day. The hills are golden and things are pretty dry - watch out for fires. Beware the Drop Bears - the leaves make it harder to see them.
#jaguartower 6 (g) OOC Zone of Jaguar-No`One Channels.|| Let sleeping clients lie
#enchanted_fo... 6 (g) on average, their are 178 sesame seeds on each big mac bun
#wrasslin 6 (g) Let it be known that at 9:04 Eastern Standard Time on the thirtieth of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen, I, Josef, Esq., owned the rest of #wrasslin with a prediction they all laughed at. | Rise of the Beast 6-15-15
#daysaga 6 (g) Control of DaySaga has been Restored
#iobaria 6 (g)
#dragongate 6 (g) OOC channel for the #lost_souls_tavern and for also #dragongate_inn (mostly unused) and #Camera*Obscura (private and invite only) - Webpage ...................RIP Rena/Athame/o_0 .................yeah, we'll play if you do
#familyroom 6 (g) Private family conversation
#cakeordeath 5 (g) welcome. the cake is. :: just a chat channel :: please introduce yourself :: celebrating 10 years of inanity :: <Floyd> then i went nutso buttso
#bd_ops 5 (g)
#ha-ooc 5 (g) Some topic is supposed to go here.
#de*ooc 5 (g) [18+ users only] Welcome to a semi-FFRP hub for multiple roleplaying themes. Visit http://www.spellboundconsortiu for details. Quote from days long past: "<Addison> and parker wets himself like a betsywetsy doll" - Nicci, 2009
#ae_rm2 5 (g) Currently the scene is: Durmahs-room at Pennington-Estate in Baton-rouge and it is night ( Nooot the party )
#waterdeep 5 (g) Red Curtain D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#wod-san_fran... 5 (g) World of Darkness: San Francisco - Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition dice-based RP - Head to #WoD-SF-OOC to see about creating a character.
#fate.of.illu... 5 (g) Welcome to the OOC channel for Fera and Werewolf RPG. Please see the website at http://fate-of-illusions.freef for more information Main IC room is #FOI.Sept
#prose-edda 5 (g) OOC Room for #Purple-Prose -- a WoD 20th Ed. RP set in Boston, MA. Playable: Vampire, Mortal, Mage, Demon.
#s-run 5 (g) #S-Run Gaming Community @ | Games in #Shadow-Run & #Killin | Celebrating 20 Years of #S-Run! | Nickserv info @ lkthrough
#sq 5 (g) This is the OOC Channel for #trinsic. || m || Current game: Lost Mine, DM firtree, D&D 5e, starting level 1/standard chargen (now level 2)
#dd_ooc 5 (g) Visit for info on making a char for #MagicSex&Swords We are planning new things so come join us. All type of chars are needed and welcomed.
#rc_starwars 5 (g) Red Curtain Star Wars revised roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#imaeri_mount... 5 (g)
#teddybear 5 (g)
#sanctum-dice 5 (g)
#mirc 5 (g) mIRC Help Channel - NEW VERSION: mIRC v7.55 Released: February 8th, 2019 - Direct Download: - Pastebin:
#rifts-ooc 4 (g) Rifts: OOC chatter, game questions and dice rolling for #Rifts. Welcome to the Megaverse.
#is.nightpack 4 (g)
#daakushiguna 4 (g)
#ae_rm5 4 (g) Currently the scene is: riverwalk at nola in morning and it is hitting-the-shops ( ( https://www.riverwalkneworlean ) ) 4 (g)
#ae_rm1 4 (g) Currently the scene is: bar at Trill in New-Orleans and it is evening ( non-homicidal scene )
#sword_sail_s... 4 (g) Red Curtain 7th Sea d20 roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#enoch 4 (g) Enoch is a side channel for #Fort_City. We are a multi-genre, free form role playing room that takes place in the enigmatic setting of Enoch. For all your OOC needs, head on over to #FC_OOC Our website is m/ Current Ward:
#akkad 4 (g)
#triviablitz 4 (g) hin.»©«. Fun and fast trivia. All your stats kept, with huge bonuses & jackpots. The webpage lists all channels. http://www.irctriviachannels.y .»©«.
#torrid 4 (g) Private RP channel. For open RP opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#heroes_assemble 4 (g)
#vh_plottinge... 4 (g)
#coldspace 4 (g) Freeform Sci-fi roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#clichetrivia 4 (g) .»©«. Fun, fast and easy Cliches. Just type !trivia to start and !help to see the commands. Don't forget to type !server to see the bot server. Have fun :D For more information on Trivia Channels or modern chat with extra features see > http://welcome-to-trivia-chat. This Trivia runs around 17 hours a day. .»©«.
#bd_elsewhere 4 (g)
#crystal_sky 4 (g) Private Fantasy Western Roleplay. For open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain .
#zero_node-ooc 4 (g)
#hggw 4 (g)
#bdi*arena 4 (g)
#bd_outside 4 (g)
#godslayer 4 (g)
#haven-ooc 4 (g) ¨°º© ©º°¨ OOC Channel for #VampireHaven. Keep it civil! All Ops have been given shiny new banhammers for those who don't. Visit our forums at: We are now taking sheets and are open for play. Channel is moderated because spam bots, please PM for +v.¨°º© ©º°¨
#nml_gaia`s_hope 4 (g) The Caern of Gaia's Hope being reawkened and repopulated see #eden`ooc for details
#purple-prose 4 (g) Welcome to Boston, coloquially known as 'Beantown'. Pull up a stool, let us pour you a pint, and root for the home team in the playoffs. Don't mind the shadows in the corner, it's always dark there. And don't go to the bathroom alone, you might slip.
#einsteinianr... 4 (g) Now with push notifications!
#madots-ship 3 (g)
#awesome_volc... 3 (g)
#sn_ooc 3 (g) Welcome to #SN_OOC! This is the OOC Channel for the FFRP Channel, #Savannah_Nights. Come on in, chill (aka lurk), and get to know everyone! NO sheet or approval required. Play nice!
#paradox_lounge 3 (g) Urban Fantasy night club set on 6th Street in Austin, Texas /join #Paradox_OOC for Out of Character chat! NO SHEETS REQUIRED! Run your character by an Op for approval! See for setting info!
#foi.outside 3 (g) This is for all outside play. Please join us in #Fate.Of.Illusions for any OOC discussions or questions. You may also go into the main area of play at #FOI.Sept
#dragongate_inn 3 (g) Reopening in 2012
#the_grotto 3 (g)
#otherroom 3 (g)
#is.ocean.water 3 (g)
#camera*obscura 3 (g) (Private Project, ask before playing #Dragongate) An Island on a large lake in Virginia. Its cool and overcast.
#bernoulli 3 (g)
#rog_ooc 3 (g) An Out of character channel for a Werewolf the Apocalypse Dark Ages story set in France in the 1200's. s/ruinsofgaia/
#jackpottrivia 3 (g) Welcome to JackpotTrivia. Massive jackpots and lots of fun! :D
#outsiders_ooc 3 (g)
#magicsex&swords 3 (g) Visit http://WWW.dalfort.wikia. NOW WITH SUPERHEROS!! COME see what happens when magic meets superheros and future tech!!!Join us in #DD_OOC for Char creation.
#is.deathtrap 3 (g) Steel Deathtrap Pack Link Channel
#elsewhere 3 (g)
#darkage 3 (g) Welcome to Dark Age: Reprisal, an Ultima Online Roleplaying Shard | Install guide: php?id=playersguide:installda | Crash guide: /viewtopic.php?f=79&t=2378 9 | SHARD: Down | Please read: /viewtopic.php?f=77&t=2544 8
#de*rustednail 3 (g) Urban Fantasy themed roleplaying #DE*OOC for the OOC ROOM) Stop for a drink at The Rusted Nail, a quaint Irish pub located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan .
#paradox_ooc 3 (g) OOC Channel for #Paradox_Lounge, an Urban Fantasy night club set on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. NO SHEETS REQUIRED! Run your character by an Op for approval! See for setting info!
#giantmecha 3 (g) x.php?title=File:Formes_des_Bl asons_Ecus_Coats_of_Arms.svg&a mp;page=1 #7 Sword, dividing middle, pointing up. Left: glasses and gears, right: wing and drill. Left background blue, right background red. Sword silver, rest: gold. Supporters: Cockatiels. Container: Branches. Helm: Hood. Crest: /files/u107/Psi.jpg scal...
#ishtar 3 (g) coughing is a sign of power
#shadowlamb 3 (g) Shadowlamb is an interactive irc mmo / mud / rpg. You can join parties, solve quests, runecraft your items and interact with other irc networks.
#furnace:main 3 (g) The Commons - A meeting space that has places to sit and talk. People come and go; so, no need to assume NPCs are around unless noted by Staff
#wod-sf-2 3 (g) #WoD-SF-2 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#wod-sf-3 3 (g) #WoD-SF-3 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#vampirehaven 3 (g) Welcome to VampireHaven - Post-apocalypse WoD V20. All dice are rolled in #Haven-Dice, out of character chat is #Haven-OOC. Ask Ops for assistance if needed - MUST register before playing. All nicks MUST be registered before we can add you to the access list (moderated channel).
#slaver_caravan 3 (g) @> [ #Slaver_Caravan is the OOC channel for #The-Enslaved-Rose ][ 18+ only ][ #The-Enslaved-Rose is a 18+ Dungeons and Dragon channel for kinky types, and those interested in naughty roleplay. ][ Submissions for business ideas, stories accepted @ ]
#nightmarefou... 3 (g)
#foi.dice 3 (g) Welcome to the dice channel for #Fate.Of.Illusions please limit your OOC chatter here unless it pertains to the current scene being ran. 3 (g)
#darktimes 3 (g)
#foi.sept 3 (g) Welcome to the IC play for Fera and Werewolf RPG. Please take all of your OOC needs to #Fate.Of.Illusions and we can address them there. Outside play can be taken to #FOI.Outside Please find the website at http://fate-of-illusions.freef
#tinypies 3 (g) ... a little place for Popmundo|TGH friends ...
#sd_dice 3 (g) Welcome to the dice channel for Silent Delirium. Dice format is `wod (Dice) (Difficulty). Example - `wod 5 6
#odysseyearth 3 (g)
#the_nest 3 (g)
#wod-philly-ooc 3 (g) World of Darkess: Wraith 20th set in Philadelphia. Out-of-Character chatting and dice rolling.
#cbn_notchicago 3 (g)
#eden`dice 3 (g)
#vampyres`haven 3 (g)
#silent_delirium 3 (g) Silent Delirium is an 18+ World of Darkness room set in Dark Ages Vampire. This room is under construction so please be patient, basic information can be found on http://silentdelirium.boards.n et/ or you can join the out of character room in #SD_OOC
#the_black_pearl 3 (g) Avast! Private game, savvy???
#blood-and-oil 3 (g)
#the-enslaved... 3 (g) @> [ D&D 3.5 18+ RolePlaying OOC: #Slaver_Caravan ][ #TER is now softcore only. Use #Slaver_Market or private rooms for your sexy & fetishy scenes until further notice. ]
#ravenloft-ooc 3 (g) Ravenloft: Out-of-Character chatting and questions about the upcoming game set in the Demiplane of Dread.
#wolfssteelforge 3 (g)
#adylheim 3 (g) Open for play! heim/index/
#ruins_of_gaia 3 (g) A Dark Ages Werewolf story set in the French Dutchy of Rennes and it's surrounding territory around 1212 AD.
#thedeep:hall 3 (g)
#rifts 3 (g) Rifts in the year 2389 (or 103 PA). The game is currently in North America and running on select days of the week. Head to #Rifts-OOC for questions, please.
#trl 3 (g) Chat channel for The Ring Lord.
#trivia_legends 3 (g)
#eden`dome 3 (g) This is a General Role-Play for #eden`ooc (Current place :" Eden Park ")
#touhoupoir 3 (g) PoIR Discussion Channel | 31/10/2014 Announcements: x.php/board,4.0.html| Forum assistance can be found in #poirmods |
#trivialityzone 3 (g) #Trivialityzone new home | 8 yrs old on 11th August | for 24/7 trivia go to #tztrivia (the old #aussietrivia from TZ for the memories) #aussietrivia (new & improved) and on for about 16 hrs - #triviablitz #clichetrivia #triviaworld #triviagold #trivia_legends #jackpotTrivia
#potatosrock 3 (g)
#trl2 3 (g)
#wake_the_dead 3 (g) The Adventures of Buttrock. ((Game resumes Nov 4 - too busy to work on it))
#thedeep:dice 3 (g)
#yaoimongers 3 (g)
#x-men-omega 3 (g) What if Charles Xavier was killed before the X-Men ever began? ega
#foi.dojo 3 (g)
#hollingsworth 3 (g)
#rtl:ooc 3 (g) BOOP! ronicles/4191-ride-the-lightni ng-sabbat GAME NIGHT TUESDAYS! For more XP-earning opportunities, PM Bex.
#fn_collegium 3 (g) Welcome to the Collegium, training grounds for mages in #Final_Nights. Home to the School of Magic and Methodology, Schola Parapsychologia, College of the Magi, and War College. More info at http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/board/403/mage-college-ga me-mechanics Admissions counselors and administrative offices are found nearby. Sunlight bathes the entry hall in warmth and light.
#arcane_sanctum 3 (g)
#is.fta 3 (g)