This section was designed to walk you through the process of registering your nickname and/or channel on DarkMyst and provide you with a basic understanding of how our services work. There is no cost to register a nickname or channel, or to use IRC.

1. Register your Nickname

The first thing any user should do is register their nickname. This is absolutely free, and it is very simple. Change your name to the nick name you wish to register. This can be done with /nick <name>. Then you will use the following command:

/msg NickServ register <password> <email>

For example, if you wanted your name to be “JohnDoe” password to be “flowers” and your email address is johndoe@johndoe.com, you would first type:

/nick JohnDow


/msg nickserv register flowers johndoe@example.com

You will be sent an email with nickname activation instructions

If you do not receive this email you can drop the nickname and try again once you are able to receive the verification emails (you may need to contact your email hosting provider).

To identify your nickname when you connect to IRC with your IRC nickname:

/msg nickserv identify <password>

To identify while using another nick, you would:

/msg nickserv identify JohnDoe flowers

You may also use nickname grouping, /msg nickserv help group

For more information, you may /msg nickserv help for a list of full commands and information.

2. Registering Your Channel (Optional)

For those of you who wish to register a channel, you must join the channel and receive the channel operator status. You will be marked with an @ symbol. Once this is completed, type /msg chanserv register <channel name>.

For example, if you wanted to register #roleplaying, you would type in:

/msg chanserv register #roleplaying

The access list can be manipulated quite easily. To add a user, you will use /msg chanserv access <channel> ADD <nickname> <template>

For example, JohnDoe wants to add JaneDoe as an operator (op) for his new channel, #roleplaying. He would type in:

/msg chanserv access #roleplaying add JaneDoe Operator

By default, the following templates are available:

For more information see Access Levels FAQ.

To remove a user, you would simply do:

/msg chanserv access <channel> DEL <nickname>

As an example, JohnDoe wishes to remove JaneDoe at a later time. He would:

/msg chanserv access #roleplaying DEL JaneDoe

For further information on commands that are available on DarkMyst, use /msg <service> HELP

3. Enabling GameServ in Your Channel (Optional)

There's a separate FAQ specifically for GameServ that addresses this in more detail.

In summary, use the following command, replacing '#channel' with the name of your channel: /msg ChanServ SET #channel GameServ ALL

Then, use this to get a quick help guide: /msg GameServ help