:: DarkMyst Server Link Application ::
:: Version 3.0.3-07:28AM-HIPOINT    ::
:: Updated by Ryan 04.22.12         ::

Before applying to link your server to the DarkMyst community, please read
the following stipulations:

1. Server administrators should have a good grasp of managing a UNIX server
   and should also be able to respond to management requests promptly should
   the need arise. They should also have a good working knowledge of how
   the internet works and how their server connects to major peering locations
   (eg. Telehouse London or New York).

2. Server administrators should be willing to participate in network management
   activities such as answering user queries, responding to bot attacks and
   dealing with 'problem' users.

3. The server itself should fulfil all of the following requirements,
   exceptions to this may be made on an individual basis; if in doubt,
   please ask:

      (a)  The server should be at least a 300MHz CPU with 256MiB of RAM but
           the more the better. A virtual server can be allowed if the environment
           control the resources through reservations so that the server is
           guaranteed the minimum requirements listed above.
           Ideally, servers would be 1GHz+ with more than 512MiB of RAM, and
           a virtual environment would be shared by a small amount of guest
      (b)  The server should have an average 15 minute load of less than
      (c)  If at all possible, the server should be dedicated to providing
           IRC functionality. When this is not the case and other non-system
           daemons are running on it, process accounting should be in place.
      (d)  The server should be running ntpd and associating with a recognised
           internet time server tree (eg. ntp0.ja.net, pool.ntp.org).
      (e)  The server should have a recent version of a build environment that
        * gcc
        * autoconf
        * automake
        * openssl with development files
        * yacc/byacc/bison
        * lex/flex
        * git
      (f)  If the server is running a main-stream distribution of UNIX
           (eg. RHEL, Ubuntu, Debian, Solaris, FreeBSD) then it should be
           kept up to date as much as possible and any severe security
           vulnerabilities should be patched within 2 days.
      (g)  The server should be connected to a multi-homed network which should
           have a minimum of 2 100MBit links to different backbones.
      (h)  Upon linkage, the server's policy on bots should be available in
           the MOTD.

4. IRC Servers and the networks on which they reside are a common target for
   Denial of Service attacks. These attacks can be very large, exceeding
   several hundred MBit/sec and consisting of hundreds of thousands of packets
   per second. Although this happens rarely on Darkmyst, administrators should
   be able to protect themselves from and combat any attacks that are directed
   at their server or network. They should also be able to demonstrate an
   established line of communication for reporting network problems or faults
   to their service providers.

5. If the network segment to which your server is attached is not wholly
   maintained by the applicant, then it should be protected from attacks
   resulting from ARP hijacking. This can be done by utilising a static
   ARP table on your router and using a dedicated IP for the server.

6. Any scheduled downtime for the server should be announced through the
   main mailing list at least 7 days before, preferably 14 days before.
   If there is an unforeseen incident that renders your server absent, notice
   must be sent to the mailing list as soon as possible.

7. Although it isn't required, it's practical that at least one other DarkMyst
   operator has access to the IRCD environment in case a problem should arise
   while the administrator(s) are unavailable.

8. Servers linking to DarkMyst will be subject to a 30 day approval period
   where close attention will be paid to the performance of the server and 
   of the staff members associated with it.

Failure to comply with or meet one or more of the above requirements may
result in the server being delinked or your application refused.

Having an application denied will result in any future applications being
denied for a period of up to 3 months.

       ************************* REMEMBER ************************* 
       Running a server requires that the rest of the IRC network
       put a lot of trust in you.  People who are known not to be
       trustworthy or who have a history of not acting in the best 
       interests of the IRC networks will typically be denied
       server links. 

       ************************* NOTICE ***************************
       All information will be verified and upstream providers will 
       be contacted before a test link is given to your server. 
       This is to verify that your system is legitimate and irc 
       connections are allowed. If your hosting provider states that 
       you are not supported or irc connections are not allowed we will
       decline your application and all future applications from that
       provider will be denied.

Please fill in the following and email everything below the dotted line 
to routing [at] darkmyst [dot] org. Your application will then be reviewed and
discussed privately amongst DarkMyst staff. Please be patient during this
process. Thank you!

1. Server Admin Personal Information

 (a) Name:
 (b) Nickname(s) used on IRC:
 (c) Phone number (cell if available, otherwise work and home): 
 (d) Email Address which is regularly checked:
 (e) Instant messaging account(s) (such as MSN, AIM, GTalk):
 (f) Who actually owns the server?

 (g) Why do you have access to the server (eg. employee of owning
     company, subscription to a co-lo company...)?

 (h) System Admin contact (eg. First Line Support on co-lo):

 (j) Network Admin contact:

2. Network Details

 (a) Intended Server Name (lower case letters only please, location
     information and 'darkmyst.org' will be appended):
 (b) Geographical location of server (city/state/country): 
 (c) IP Address of server or a nearby server for testing
 (d) Does the network use static ARP addressing: 
 (e) ASN of upstream network:
 (f) Please outline how DoS and DDoS attacks are dealt with:
 (g) Please list the routes and bandwidth available to various
     nearby backbones:

3. Server Information

 (a) Processor Architecture and Speed: 
 (b) Operating System and Version:
 (c) Memory (Physical + Virtual):
 (d) If the server is not to be dedicated to running the ircd...
   (i)  is processing accounting in place:
   (ii) how many other users have access to run processes (login, cgi/php that allows exec):
 (e) Please include your /etc/resolv.conf:

 (f) What is your policy on having non-hostile bots connect to your ircd:

 (g) Please list the full (real) names, nicks and email addresses of any
     initial staff members who will have either local or global O:lines:

4. The Essay Questions (optional if you have applied before)

 (a) How did you find out about DarkMyst?

 (b) How will DarkMyst benefit from your server being linked?

 (c) How do you feel you will benefit from linking to DarkMyst?

 (d) Are you currently a part of, or have you ever been a part of, any other IRC networks?

 (e) What IRC operators do you have in mind? Please provide a brief description about them.

5. Server Information: Part 2

******************** REQUIRED SYSTEM INFORMATION OUTPUT ********************
* To be emailed with the application in an attached text file.             *
* Your application will not be processed without this information in a     *
* readable and organized format.                                           *

 (a) uname -a
 (b) dmesg (or output of last startup syslog)
 (c) df -h
 (d) ls /home (and/or an equivalent user folder such as /usr/home)
 (e) date
 (f) uptime
 (g) ntpq -> peers
 (h) netstat -rn (or equivilant)
 (i) netstat -anlp