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[Heads-up] Certificate authority root expiry

If you are having recent issues with the Darkmyst server certificates, chances are your problem is with Let's Encrypt's cross-signing root certificate expiring today. Darkmyst's certificates are not reliant on this root certificate, but this allowed devices that only know the old root certificate to verify the certificate validity until the expiration date - it's these devices which are now having problems.

If you're affected by this problem, you will unfortunately have to check your operating system's instructions as to how to update your trusted certificate storage with the new Let's Encrypt root, as it differs from device to device. However, here are some instructions gathered from around the web:

If you need additional assistance, use a web IRC client such as Mibbit to come to #help, we help you as soon as someone is at keyboard to do so.

— Dread/Valcen (paralysis.tx.us.darkmyst.org Server Administrator)