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The EU Servers are dead, long live the EU Servers

Trivia: Most of Darkmyst's European servers were hosted by one friendly staff member, dgram. That same friendly staff member has been diligently working toward a spring cleaning of their server infrastructure in general.

As of today, the old servers prometheus.no.eu.darkmyst.org, abyss.no.eu.darkmyst.org and odyssey.de.eu.darkmyst.org have been replaced. You might not necessarily notice it, because their replacements are called abyss.nl.eu.darkmyst.org and odyssey.de.eu.darkmyst.org. The changes under the hood are real, though.

A big thank you to dgram for the continued hosting of Darkmyst servers!

— Dread/Valcen (paralysis.tx.us.darkmyst.org Server Administrator)