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Network Maintanence (22-24 Oct)

Happy Halloween everyone! While I'm sure y'all are preparing to gorge out on all the candy you can get, the admin team is preparing for upstream maintanence this week.

We have two service windows this week, one for Nebula at 2300 tomorrow (22 Oct) UTC and then Paraylsis on 24 Oct at 0400 UTC. The one with Nebby will be the one of most concern, as you may recall we had an issue a few months ago with that one involving services. We'll have our Azure infrastructure on hot standby just in case, but be aware, any changes made after 1100 UTC may not be reflected on our database snapshot, and in the event we have to roll services over to Azure, any changes made may not be transferred over back to Nebby.

tl;dr Don't change anything related to your channel or nickname after 1100 UTC tomorrow and until we sound the all clear.

Paralysis should be much more clean cut, the website will go down temporarly, but all other critical systems shouldn't be in the line of fire.

Admin and Support Teams will be on alert during these cycles over in #help, and if you have any questions or concerns before the show starts, feel free to PM me directly.

Hold your noses, here we go! Thanks for flying DarkMyst!