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The website is dead, long live the website

DarkMyst's old website design dated back to 2005. Back in 2005, table layouts were not a great idea, but you could get away with them. We were very happy with the design, but regrettably, table-layout websites tend to get very upset if you try to visit them with a mobile device.

In 2015, the Network Coordinator Ryan started a project to make a more mobile-friendly website. One of the Darkmyst volunteer staff, Xelco, did the brunt of the work of the website, coming up with a design that was significantly easier to turn into a responsive design (for comparison, see the old website's design and how poorly it did on mobile).

Unfortunately, the underlying technology of the "www2" project undid this hypothetical ease. Early 2018, the project's first incarnation was abandoned.

Of course, giving up is not an option. Instead, a second incarnation of the project was started ("www3"), keeping Xelco's visual and aesthetic design but solving the challenges with completely different technlogy. Work on this project recently finally reached a release candidate state.

Thus today in UTC marks the last day the old website was online.

The website is dead, long live the website!