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What is IRC roleplaying?

As with other roleplaying games (live action, tabletop, RPG, MMORPG, forums etc), IRC roleplaying is a gaming environment where players take on the role of character(s) in a fictional setting. However, the IRC roleplaying experience is conducted entirely using written text through an IRC client.

You can connect to IRC using the DarkMyst chat widget or through a stand-alone IRC client such as mIRC.

The experience occurs in real-time and roleplayers must adapt to rapidly changing circumstances created by the actions of roleplay game masters (community leaders) and other roleplayers. Some roleplaying communities have defined rules (e.g dungeons and dragons, world order, dice, approved character sheets etc) while others feature a more relaxed, freeform gaming environment.

Individual gaming environments are called “channels,” which are text-based chat rooms set up by each roleplaying community. All roleplaying actions and dialogue occur in these channels. Players communicate with one another in first, second and/or third person as the situation requires.

For more information about DarkMyst and/or IRC roleplaying, please read the roleplaying 101 guide.