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What user modes does DarkMyst offer and how do I use them?

A 'user mode' is a flag added as metadata to your connection for advanced control of your IRC experience, using the /mode <your-nick> <mode> command (e.g. /mode Waldo +D).

PARAMETERS: /mode nick +|-[mode]

Designates this client as "invisible". Users using /WHO or /NAMES will not see you on the list of nicks unless they are in the target channel with you.

"Caller ID" mode: allows only clients on your accepted from your session-defined whitelist.

Receive wallops: accept wallops messages sent by opers.

Deaf: ignores all channel messages. Joins, parts, topic changes, mode changes, and private messages are all received normally.

No Forwarding: prevents you from being affected by any channel forwarding modes. Instead, you will receive an error message as if no forwarding was set.

Reject unregistered users' messages: any users who are not identified to services will be blocked from sending messages to you. Opers and users added to your whitelist are exempt.

Connected via SSL (cannot be set or unset).

Q: How do I add a user to my whitelist?

Adds or removes entries on your accepted list for +g and +R. Users are removed if they quit or change nicks.