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#darkmyst 49 (g) Welcome to DarkMyst's general chat channel! For help, please join #help. For IRC role-playing chat and assistance in finding a game, please join #rpg-hub. DarkMyst is accepting server applications, visit p.txt.
#rpg-hub 46 (g) Welcome to #rpg-hub, the IRC roleplayer's OOC hub! Need help locating a certain type of game? Ask! Visit our website for a channel list and rules at and =channels, RPGserv via /msg RPGServ HELP. | Multiverse is coming Oct 12-14, 2018: -- Event sign ups are now open.
#blkdragon*inn 36 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Additional channel: #BDI*Outside ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: Sept 10: New help channel, #BDI*Ops is opening. Read more: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1361 -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date, !menu'
#bdi*ooc 35 (g) OOC for #BlkDragon*Inn and #BDI*Outside ~ A High Fantasy RP channel ~ ~ News: Sept 10: New help channel, #BDI*Ops is opening. Read more: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1361 -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date, !menu'
#bdi*outside 31 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Main channel: #BlkDragon*Inn ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: Sept 10: New help channel, #BDI*Ops is opening. Read more: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1361 -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date, !menu'
#superheroine... 30 (g) 18+ only Superheroine RPG channel. Channel website, Bulletinboard, rules and talk to the Fez at | A guide to survive ShiP - | Do you mind if I smoke? . Moontablet Introductions - !createprofile for more info
#dataclaw 21 (g) welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: Tarnish // Nightshade ::]] topic: <Morgrim> I usually assume that national stereotypes are just that, exaggerated stereotypes, but Germany really likes trying to prove them right
#irpg 19 (g) IdleRPG - | To Register: /msg IdleRPG register <char name> <password> <char class> | To Login: /msg IdleRPG login <account> <password> | /msg IdleRPG help -- for more info
#iron_secrets 18 (g) Welcome to the OOC room for the Werewolf Game -- Iron Secrets, a Werewolf Revised World of Darkness game. Please see Character creation rules and other info at hpbb3/viewforum.php?f=341
#freeform 17 (g) welcome to #freeform // [OOC] // [[:: freeform RPG hub ::]] quote: "I'm time. You've asked for me a lot the past few months. I thought I'd call." | /start
#help 17 (g) DarkMyst IRC Network Support | Please state your question and wait patiently for a response. Thank you! Please do not idle here and /part when you are finished so others can receive help in confidence. Thank you.
#forest_ooc 17 (g) Welcome to Koniki's OOC(out of character) room. | Main channel: #Forest | Side channels: #South_City , #wrasslin (OOC, non-Forest), #Forest_Politics | New here? Check out: eneral_FAQ
#aeons_ooc 16 (g) | Use !help for assistance and !character to make/submit a character here. | OOC/Dice for Dark Aeons :: World of Darkness RP
#forest 15 (g) Welcome to the Koniki Forest RP channel! Random, Serious, you want it, we got it!...except Porn. | Join #Forest_OOC for Out-Of-Character Chatting |
#is.bawn 14 (g) The is the Main IC Channce for the Iron Secrets Werewolf:the Apocalypse game. Please keep OOC chatter to a minium here. The Bawn is the Petrified Forest National park, and this channel covers both the above ground and the cave comples. Current weather can be found here: day/l/10669:19:US
#mwchat 14 (g) Welcome with bibbangs! Chat | *** fun was kicked by ChanServ (Banned: ) <-- No Fun Allowed | "Why does jav anymore" | "Science is fake" | 22:55 turb chat is scrolling so fast no one noticed he was gay | 😎🍹🏄🌴👙🏊🌞
#bdi*guardhouse 13 (g) The Guardhouse -- An OOC chat for members of the Civic Guard, Port Authority and Coast Guard of Drache - NEW ANNOUNCEMENT from Lieutenant Idelle Habiri: Re: Conflict of Interests: ewtopic.php?f=10&t=1182
#imarel_ooc 13 (g) Welcome to the OOC channel for #Imarel - if you're in here, you are also RPing or planning to. Ask questions if you need help or use !help | Website: | Events: Brother's Tears - 22/9 - 8:30pm EST | Game Update: Coming Soon | News Updated: 09/11
#mariowiki 13 (g) ANIMAL CROSSING SWITCH
#bdi*quests 13 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Main channels: #BlkDragon*Inn & #BDI*Outside ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ Current Quest: None | If you are seeking a rez from dying in Mhernettla, please read the following: ewtopic.php?f=59&t=1315
#is.outer.bawn 12 (g)
#wasteland 12 (g) Quest and overflow room. OOC kept to #Vault_13.
#wod-sf-ooc 11 (g) #WoD-SF-OOC: OOC chat and dice channel for #WoD-San_Francisco. Please PM an ST about creating a character. | Site: http://wod.crescent-moon-studi Mail: | Story progression on Saturdays at 5pm EST and Sundays at 2 PM EST !|
#eden`ooc 11 (g) sheeted cwod: vtm: https://neweden.obsidianportal .com/ , #eden`dome (core play channel) #eden`Elysium core vampire #NML`Caern core shifter http://nomansland.obsidianport
#bd_ooc 11 (g) Welcome to the #Broken_Dagger OOC room! | Medieval Fantasy Free-Form Roleplay | Respect for all is a must. | Visit our website: | New players: /viewtopic.php?t=4706
#cakeordeath 11 (g) welcome. the cake is. :: just a chat channel :: please introduce yourself :: celebrating 10 years of inanity :: <Floyd> then i went nutso buttso :: Happy Birthday echoe
#bbn`ooc 10 (g) Welcome to Brunswick by Night, An Urban Fantasy, Free Form Rpg. Storyline Oriented RPG 18+ Rated Channels: #bbn`ooc , #Brunswick`by`Night , #bbn:outside , #bbn`library and #bbn`dice. http://brunswickbynight.websta s/532180963828060/
#news 10 (g) Welcome to #news | Multiverse is coming October 12-14, 2018! See our website for more details:
#ruincrawl 10 (g) The OOC chan for #ravynhold
#broken_dagger 9 (g) Welcome to our Freeform Fantasy Role-Play channel! For OOC chat join #BD_OOC | | Respect for all is a must. | The weather softens, skies overcast and grey, with a hint of coolness to the midday sun. Drifts of golden leaves begin to swirl in the winds.
#fc_ooc 9 (g) Welcome to the OOC channel of #Fort_City , a multi-genre free form role play setting. For your information needs, defer to m/ and have a nice day~! Temporary setting info
#arena 9 (g) Where those in Reno go to spill a bit of blood, and get paid for it! OOC to be kept in #Vault_13
#aiterplobby 9 (g) Welcome to the Aite Mass Effect RP's OoC Lobby! | Our RP hubs are #Miner'sRespite and #RedrockAgency | Visit our forums at php?title=Main_Page | Current month: December 2185
#ravynhold 9 (g) FFRP - Fantasy Industrial Era RP - Just north of the City of Laspas stretches a tower and its surrounding ancillary buildings. #ruincrawl for OOC
#final_nights 8 (g) Welcome to Chicago's Castle Eterna, the main gathering hall for #Final_Nights WoD 20th Anniversary Ed Role Play. Please join #FN_OOC for player chat. Check out our forums at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/ and our website at: https://castleeterna.wixsite.c om/home
#soggydoujin 8 (g) We're moving to Discord! | Please fill in: sheets/d/1uxLOqOPojUECirtDzPag RUMWp2PseO3uVu41nz6cERY/edit#g id=0 | Discussion Chat for the R-18 Magical Girl Game | Sourcebook: rthRPG
#fort_city 8 (g) Pharos Enoch, the fortress city; an enigmatic anachronism beneath the lighthouse. No roads lead to it and yet all end at its gates. This is a multi-genre, free form role playing channel. For all your OOC needs, head on over to #FC_OOC Our website is m/
#red-curtain 8 (g) Welcome to the Red Curtain Project channel. For more information on RCP, please visit . There a number of games of different types that are open to new players. Please speak with a GM ( }o{ or [-oo-] ) if you are interested.
#is.dice 8 (g) Iron Secrets Dice room, please keep OOC chatter to a minium. Question about rolls and powers are always welcome.
#fn_ooc 8 (g) (18+) out of character chat room for #Final_Nights & #Vampirehall affiliated oWoD RP channels. See forums for character registry & other info at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/. Message an OP to join our RP family & leave email or other contact details if you are leaving before we can respond.
#d20_dice 7 (g) no game today 9/15/18 st will be sleeping!!
#mlpfim-peanuts 7 (g) Welcome to the Lusty Seapony (MLP-FiM freeform rp) peanut gallery. Logs and basic game info can be located over at Ask around if ponies are a thing y'all want to rp, we're a welcoming (if slightly crazy) bunch. 18+ preferred, as we don't generally bother censoring anything. Main rp chan: #mlpfim-rp.
#idlerpg 7 (g) If you would like to play, please review for how to begin :)
#planarlost_ooc 7 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is our OOC channel - Check out our site for more information: m/ --- IC Channel: #PlanarLost // Side IC Channels: #PlanarLost2, #PlanarLost3
#bdi*ops 7 (g) Welcome to #BDI*Ops! The help channel for #BlkDragon*Inn, #BDI*Outside, #BDI*Quests and #BDI*Arena -- The answer to the forums registration question is "Murphy". Please wait for an op response.
#haven-ooc 7 (g) ¨°º© ©º°¨ OOC Channel for #VampireHaven. Keep it civil! All Ops have been given shiny new banhammers for those who don't. Visit our forums at: We are now taking sheets and are open for play. Channel is moderated because spam bots, please PM for +v.¨°º© ©º°¨
#ha-ooc 7 (g) Some topic is supposed to go here. 7 (g) Official channel for
#planarlost 7 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is our IC (RP) channel - Check out our site for more information: m/ --- OOC Channel: #PlanarLost_OOC // Side IC Channels: #PlanarLost2, #PlanarLost3
#aussietrivia 7 (g) .»©«. The famous BogusTrivia runs 24/7 thanks to Medusa! A great variety of questions, Bonus points, and KAOS with huge points. For other channels see The Webpage - https://irctriviachannels.yola .»©«.
#crossings_ooc 7 (g) Welcome to the OOC room for the Crossings RP Network! Check out the website at | | Do you know where your towel is?
#mirc 7 (g) mIRC Help Channel - NEW VERSION: mIRC 7.52 Released: Feb 28th, 2018 - Direct Download: - Pastebin:
#tztrivia 7 (g) the old Aussie Trivia from TZ | .commands for all commands | ~ for a hint, q to repeat last question, .topday .topever .topweek .topmonth .stats nick .info .rules | have fun
#de*ooc 7 (g) [18+ users only] Welcome to a semi-FFRP hub for multiple roleplaying themes. Visit http://www.spellboundconsortiu for details. QotD: "Was injury ywoi by tonme this hinenalloe." - Nicci, 2018
#mlpfim-rp 7 (g) Actual roleplaying channel of The Lusty Seapony. Please boink over to #mlpfim-peanuts for OOC chats. Golden rule of rp: if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong!
#amigazeux 7 (g) "Our aim is to hike [OS4 registrations] up to at least around 7000 to 10.000 in the course of the next 3 years." - Ben Hermans
#mwikiawards 7 (g) "An Excellent Awards Ceremony g " - Chef Excellence, 2018 || Number of meetings survived: Hhhhh || Our mascot || jontron is a nazi || UP NEXT: ice cold chats and similar || dex.php?board=79.0 || NEXT: Thanks Ryan
#wod-san_fran... 7 (g) World of Darkness: San Francisco - Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition dice-based RP - Head to #WoD-SF-OOC to see about creating a character.
#enchanted_fo... 7 (g) The BANDIT is dead. R.I.P. Burt Reynolds
#x-men-omega 6 (g) What if Charles Xavier was killed before the X-Men ever began? ega
#bd_ops 6 (g)
#sanctum 6 (g) Salutations! We invite you to join us in #Sanctum-OOC ) (+18)(Must Register PC to play) Setting: The Eyrie is a vast series of buildings that had been artfully integrated into the natural landscape of a vast plateau eroded into the mountain. Travel between the Eyrie and the village below is accomplished by using the meandering halls carved into the mountainside.
#wrasslin 6 (g) Let it be known that at 9:04 Eastern Standard Time on the thirtieth of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen, I, Josef, Esq., owned the rest of #wrasslin with a prediction they all laughed at. | Rise of the Beast 6-15-15
#erics_d20_ir... 6 (g) Welcome to the game..
#sanctum-ooc 6 (g) IC Channel: #Sanctum Dice Room:  #Sanctum-Dice  Forum:  http://the-sanctum.freeforums. net (Be sure to check out the rules for the House Lore System) ST Email:| Due to recent Media releases all attempts at Stealth in the city are at a +1diff. Check the IC News for details.
#heroes_assemble 6 (g)
#brunswick`by... 6 (g) Welcome to the Seville Inn standing on the brink of untold prosperity, but deep in the shadows, something is stirring. Monstrous horrors once thought to be myth are rising and threatening to emerge from the globe's murkiest recesses. Seville Inn is a safe haven. Entering the grand lobby, a clerk awaits your check-in. There is a bar to the left with a free buffet. #BbN`OOC
#crossings_pa... 6 (g)
#vampyres`haven 6 (g) Not yet decided but we will have rp here ... maybe .. almost certain we will ..
#dragongate 6 (g) OOC channel for the #lost_souls_tavern and for also #dragongate_inn (mostly unused) and #Camera*Obscura (private and invite only) - Webpage ...................RIP Rena/Athame/o_0 .................yeah, we'll play if you do
#bdi*arena 5 (g)
#salista's_wa... 5 (g)
#wod-philly-ooc 5 (g)
#ch*ooc 5 (g) Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay Out of Character Channel for #Cobalt*Hill and #CH*Beyond | Character sheet required for play, please. | Visit us at [ cobalt ] | Cobalt Official Peeps: Looking for new players. Password: Cellar Door. Happy Birthday Andi!
#sanctum-dice 5 (g)
#planarlost2 5 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is one of our side channels. Check out our site for more information: m/ --- Main OOC Channel: PlanarLost_OOC // Main IC Channel: #PlanarLost
#doggiecomics 5 (g) Welcome to Doggie Comic. I Now Playing: MnM3e Mon:Omniverse: [] 7C | Tue:Skool 7C | Fri:Lone Heroes: [] 8C | 3.5: Sat:Dungeon Welps 8C | Info: | Join #Dragonlance for OOC and #M&M for Coms News, TV, and Radio! | :( miss you.
#whateley-theory 5 (g) Revised Theories : http://crystal-memories.wikido
#oo-ic 5 (g)
#crossings_pa... 5 (g)
#hypnotoad's_... 5 (g) WHIR WHIR WHIR
#nml_gaia`s_hope 5 (g) The Caern of Gaia's Hope being reawkened and repopulated see #eden`ooc for details
#cobalt*hill 5 (g) Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay Cobalt Hill, Salem Massachusetts, and everything in between. | Character sheet required for play, approvals within 1 week! | Visit us at [ cobalt ] and #CH*OOC for out-of-character chat.
#dd_ooc 5 (g) Visit for info on making a char for #MagicSex&Swords We are planning new things so come join us. All type of chars are needed and welcomed.
#imaeri_mount... 5 (g)
#fn_dice 5 (g) The official dice channel for both #Final_Nights and #Vampirehall WoD-based role play.
#wod-sf-2 5 (g) #WoD-SF-2 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#walhalla:ooc 5 (g) Game when? You tell me! Either leave a message with Will_V for what times and dates work for you, or post to Facebook Group please!
#s-run 4 (g) #S-Run Gaming Community @ | Games in #Shadow-Run & #Killin | Celebrating 20 Years of #S-Run! | Nickserv info @ lkthrough
#mysteriousjo... 4 (g) A group of strangers has been brought together by forces unknown and for reasons unknown; their only goal now is to try and return to their homes. Whomever is opped other than the GrandMaster is the current ST. for more information, still being tweaked. Current World: A strange prehistoric land.
#mysteriousjo... 4 (g) The Out of Character Room for Mysterious Journey RPG. A place to ask questions, roll dice, and discuss.
#iobaria 4 (g)
#blood-and-oil 4 (g)
#daysaga 4 (g) Control of DaySaga has been Restored
#wsh 4 (g)
#tech 4 (g) Technical Discussions for Data Processing Enthusiasts and Information Services Professionals | Yeah, this is me: v=24RIl-vFBs8
#rifts-ooc 4 (g) Rifts: OOC chatter, game questions and dice rolling for #Rifts. Welcome to the Megaverse.
#outsiders_ooc 4 (g)
#ssk 4 (g)
#screwthischat 4 (g) #screwthisrecurringjoke | Dukart: ation/49715680/ | | THROW SOME D'S ON THAT BITCH | HERALD MY RAGE! | Ambrose Burnside Vs. A Goat: Battle of the century. Place your bets now.
#clichetrivia 4 (g) .»©«. Fun, fast and easy Cliches. Just type !trivia to start and !help to see the commands. Don't forget to type !server to see the bot server. Have fun :D For other channels see Colins' Webpage - https://irctriviachannels.yola This Trivia runs around 16 hours a day. .»©«.
#rifts 4 (g) Rifts in the year 2389 (or 103 PA). The game is currently in North America and running on select days of the week. Head to #Rifts-OOC for questions, please.
#triviablitz 4 (g) .»©«. Fun and fast trivia. All your stats kept, with huge bonuses and jackpots. The IRC Trivia Channels has more great trivia channel information. For other channels see Colins' Webpage - https://irctriviachannels.yola .»©«.
#sword_sail_s... 4 (g) Red Curtain 7th Sea d20 roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#greyhawk 4 (g) Welcome to the World of Greyhawk and the land of Oerth. NEXT GAME: NEXT WEEK, FRIDAYS 7c-11:30c, remember to join #d20 for die rolls! Lurkers welcome! For more info check our web board http://darkmystroleplaying.gro MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!!
#haven-dice 4 (g)
#de*rustednail 4 (g) Urban Fantasy themed roleplaying #DE*OOC for the OOC ROOM) Stop for a drink at The Rusted Nail, a quaint Irish pub located in Greenwich Village, Manhattan .
#sq 4 (g) This is the OOC Channel for #trinsic. || m || Current game: Zomaris I: ???, DM mainstreet, High Fantasy, Level 5, 5250gp + Awesome Powers || Due to Hurricane Florence, game may be altered
#klasickumputerz 4 (g)
#wod-sf-st 4 (g) #WoD-SF-ST World of Darkness: San Francisco - Storytellers only. If you are not a storyteller you shouldn't be here.
#13 4 (g)
#sf2hack 4 (g) Work continues | SVNs back up | Home of the Caravan, a new Shining Force II Editor | Get version 0.6 here! z8nnaz | A tribute to one of our own, ZeXr0. R.I.P | More or less moved to Discord, bug Drakkar for the link.
#torrid 4 (g) Private RP channel. For open RP opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#walhalla:hel... 4 (g)
#wod-sf-3 4 (g) #WoD-SF-3 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#vampirehaven 4 (g) Welcome to VampireHaven - Post-apocalypse WoD V20. All dice are rolled in #Haven-Dice, out of character chat is #Haven-OOC. Ask Ops for assistance if needed - MUST register before playing. All nicks MUST be registered before we can add you to the access list (moderated channel).
#walhalla:bawn 4 (g)
#bd_elsewhere 4 (g)
#bd_outside 4 (g)
#trl 4 (g) Chat channel for The Ring Lord.
#hollingsworth 4 (g)
#dragonlance 4 (g) Adventures in the world of Krynn | No Game Currently. | The Weekly Lance, KRDG Ch. 6, KDRG 95.9 "The Dragon", Police Band 674902
#godslayer 4 (g)
#sysadmins 4 (g)
#familyroom 4 (g) Private family conversation
#walhalla:dice 4 (g)
#sn_ooc 4 (g) Welcome to #SN_OOC! This is the OOC Channel for the FFRP Channel, #Savannah_Nights. Come on in, chill (aka lurk), and get to know everyone! NO sheet or approval required. Play nice!
#lost_souls_t... 4 (g) All OOC in (( brackets )) please. #dragongate for OOC. for our setting info. nice (65+) at night but effing hot (90+) during the day. The hills are golden and things are pretty dry - watch out for fires. Beware the Drop Bears - the leaves make it harder to see them.
#ecm-group 4 (g)
#potatosrock 4 (g)
#vh_plottinge... 4 (g)
#rc_starwars 4 (g) Red Curtain Star Wars revised roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#ch*beyond 4 (g) Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay Missions. special events, and optional off-grounds and simulator play for #Cobalt*Hill - See #CH*OOC for Out of Character talk. | Character sheet required for play! | [ cobalt ]
#akkad 3 (g)
#wickedreflec... 3 (g) secret
#empire_city 3 (g)
#sydlexia 3 (g) #sydlexia Lives! Official IRC of the site and forums, under new management.
#jackpottrivia 3 (g) .»©«. Welcome to JackpotTrivia! More fun than slot machines with regular bonuses, megabonuses and massive Jackpots. Who knows when that jackpot will go off? .»©«.
#sanctum-mansion 3 (g)
#adelberht's_... 3 (g)
#darkage 3 (g) Welcome to Dark Age: Reprisal, an Ultima Online Roleplaying Shard | Install guide: php?id=playersguide:installda | Crash guide: /viewtopic.php?f=79&t=2378 9 | SHARD: Down | Please read: /viewtopic.php?f=77&t=2544 8
#is.deathtrap 3 (g) Steel Deathtrap Pack Link Channel
#dragongate_inn 3 (g) Reopening in 2012
#joanimeshow 3 (g) motivator0ec1e3c7feff1bbb954b0 df9afa4b7d4bc4951cb.jpg
#call_of_cthu... 3 (g)
#maiden's_kiss 3 (g) Welcome to Maiden's Kiss Tavern! This is a FFRP Channel that is currently a WIP. Please see #MK_OOC for details!
#merch_dnd_ooc 3 (g) 6#Merch_DnD_OOC is a channel for fun games where the players form pickup parties and hope for wealth adventure and survival. Fun link: =1o3-Xi4WRbg&feature=youtu .be new dnd website
#elsewhere 3 (g)
#awesome_volc... 3 (g)
#coc-ic 3 (g)
#camera*obscura 3 (g) (Private Project, ask before playing #Dragongate) An Island on a large lake in Virginia. Its cool and overcast.
#otherroom 3 (g)
#triviaworld 3 (g) .»©«. A wide variety of questions and lots of fun! :D .»©«.
#erotevomai`t... 3 (g) Welcome to the House of WesCraven {{A Medieval Free Form Role Play}} 3 (g)
#wod-sf-4 3 (g) #WoD-SF-4 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions
#m&m 3 (g) R.I.P Amanda. tail.cfm/sf-police-chief-cost- cutters-manager-hero/?id=13707 6
#narshe-staff 3 (g) the hypocrisy of your mod team even after so many years still overwhelms me.
#northernwinds 3 (g) Welcome to the northernwinds ooc room. Cam/Anarch Game Sunday April 15
#sicari's_hig... 3 (g)
#whateley-ooc 3 (g) OOC channel for Whateley roleplay and discussion - Rules: s3/index.php?t=msg&goto=43 365 FAQ: s3/index.php?t=msg&goto=68 395
#sanctum-sept 3 (g)
#sundered_realms 3 (g) Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set in a future Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval. Game currently under construction, inquire within for information http://sundered-realms.forumot
#heims`house 3 (g)
#crystal-hall 3 (g) RP Channel #1 for Official Whateley RP - come join #whateley-ooc for talking.
#rs_ooc 3 (g) Out of Character Channel for #RumbleStreet. Website For information at: , Forums found: b/
#is.ivory.mir... 3 (g)
#wulinacademy 3 (g) Introducing a new LotW campaign, High School Battle Beats! Campaign info: 8dqkr9wb53w/LotW%20-%20High%20 School%20Battle%20Beats.txt?dl =0
#daakushiguna 3 (g)
#the_nest 3 (g) Assamites hide-out in Chicago. pic :
#palkgiuschat 3 (g) #palkgiuschat is one of those things that you can throw overneath the bridge. Source? #palkgiuschat goes :|O | star totally wasn't here | #PACKYISSICKY | daily reminder df's userinfo | We all still miss Walkazo | idk anymore | (◕ ͜ʖ ◕) | * Lord_Bowser helps Packy :) :) :) | rip the things Smasher just killed for space | HAPPY WIGGER WEDNESDAY | ZVARRI!
#nero's_office 3 (g)
#muelsfell_co... 3 (g)
#rumblestreet 3 (g) Sheeted OWoD Channel with focus on great story, set in New Orleans. Inquire more In #RS_OOC or on the website:
#fn_gardens 3 (g)
#froghorizon 3 (g)
#mk_ooc 3 (g) Out of Character Channel for #Maiden's_Kiss! We are still working on getting it up and running but feel free to hang out and chat.
#crossings_to... 3 (g)
#wake_the_dead 3 (g) The Adventures of Buttrock. ((Game resumes Nov 4 - too busy to work on it))
#sanctum-elysium 3 (g) A mansion in an affluent area of the city. Guards greet you at the door and lead you to the ballroom - g . Seating is set up for the Court, with a raised platform at one end of the room. Unmoving armors rest in alcoves along the walls.
#is.umbra 3 (g)
#hatrp 3 (g)
#reapers:ooc 3 (g)
#brujah`office 3 (g)
#rog:ooc 3 (g) http://riverofgrass.proboards. com DUNGEONWRAITH@GMAIL.COM TheGenuineBex on Skype ronicles/3301-river-o-grass
#realmooc 3 (g) Welcome to the Realm of Darkness. A VTM-WOD based game set in the fictional city of Port a Lucine. Please check out the wiki http://realmofdarkness.wikidot .com
#realravenloft 3 (g) Because some cocklick is faking being a GM in #Ravenloft.
#waterdeep 3 (g) Red Curtain D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#ae_rm2 3 (g) Currently the scene is: Limbo in TheVoid and it is Infinity
#ae_rm1 3 (g) Currently the scene is: Limbo in TheVoid and it is Infinity
#trl2 3 (g)
#crystal-hall-2 3 (g) RP Channel #2 for Official Whateley RP - come join #whateley-ooc for talking.
#coldspace 3 (g) Freeform Sci-fi roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#ae_rm4 3 (g) Currently the scene is: Limbo in TheVoid and it is Infinity
#ae_rm5 3 (g) Currently the scene is: Limbo in TheVoid and it is Infinity
#adylheim 3 (g) Open for play! heim/index/
#maddisandbox 3 (g)
#trivia_legends 3 (g) .»©«. Welcome to Trivia_Legends. :D Type !help for commands. Are you a Trivia Legend in the Hall of Fame yet? Other great channels are available here > Webpage - https://irctriviachannels.yola .»©«.
#triviagold 3 (g) .»©«. TriviaGold is the channel for raking in huge points, and incredible jackpots. So much fun you'll invite all your friends. :D It runs around 16 hours a day. Server is /server For other channels see Colins' Webpage - https://irctriviachannels.yola .»©«.
#crystal_sky 3 (g) Private Fantasy Western Roleplay. For open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain .
#arcane_sanctum 3 (g)
#ae_rm3 3 (g) Currently the scene is: Limbo in TheVoid and it is Infinity
#furryroad 3 (g)