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#rpg-hub 65 (g) Welcome to #rpg-hub, the IRC roleplayer's OOC hub! Need help locating a certain type of game? Ask! Visit our website for a channel list and rules at and check out RPGserv via /msg RPGServ HELP.
#darkmyst 60 (g) Welcome to DarkMyst's general chat channel! For help, please join #help. For IRC role-playing chat and assistance in finding a game, please join #rpg-hub. Channel statistics available at DarkMyst is accepting server applications, visit p.txt. For staff applications, visit index-apply
#bdi*ooc 47 (g) OOC for #BlkDragon*Inn and #BDI*Outside ~ A High Fantasy RP channel ~ ~ News: May 23: As summer comes and people get outside IRL more, don't forget about us! Please keep in mind that both IC channels see regular activity. Joining both is recommended. <3 -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date
#blkdragon*inn 46 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Additional channel: #BDI*Outside ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: May 23: A lot more activity has been occuring in #BDI*Outside than in the main channel. Please join us there for more non-Inn RP. -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date
#superheroine... 39 (g) 18+ only Superheroine RPG channel. Channel website, Bulletinboard, rules and talk to the Fez at | A guide to survive ShiP - | "If you don't have humour, then you may as well nail the coffin lid down now." We are desolated Mr Bond. Roger Moore RIP Registration Answer - Tinflot
#bdi*outside 36 (g) High Fantasy FFRP ~ ~ Main channel: #BlkDragon*Inn ~ Join #BDI*OOC for OOC conversation & questions. ~ News: May 23: Summer is almost here! The Outside channel is for all RP outside of the main Inn. Please feel free to use the Inn channel as overflow, but be courteous when people want to play in the Inn. -- /msg Murphy !weather, !date
#cakeordeath 29 (g) welcome. the cake is. :: NO RP HERE :: 18+ ONLY :: #cakeordeath: get over it, get bent, or gtfo :: lurk without introducing yourself, get a free kick! :: celebrating 9 years of inanity :: <Floyd> then i went nutso buttso ::
#dataclaw 25 (g) welcome to #dataclaw // [OOC] // [[:: Tarnish // Nightshade ::]] topic: What had possessed her - literally or otherwise - to seek out a fragment of light that had cut through the night was hard to fathom. The path was all wrong, she insisted. She had seen falling stars before - this was nothing like any of them.
#mwchat 25 (g) Welcome with bibbangs! Chat | *** fun was kicked by ChanServ (Banned: ) <-- No Fun Allowed | Home of opinions are facts | '07 is over time for '08 | "Why does jav anymore" | "Science is fake" | 22:55 turb chat is scrolling so fast no one noticed he was gay | turb draw you just got vrueted.jpg
#rs_ooc 23 (g) OOC channel based on the World of Darkness with some story and setting changes: Extensive resources and information can be found on our site at: - If you'd like to discuss concepts please join #RS_Concept and we can help. Our main IC room is #RumbleStreet - Challenges are run in #RS_Dice - Speak to an OP if inactive.
#bbn`ooc 22 (g) Brunswick by Night Channels: #bbn`ooc , #Brunswick`by`Night , #bbn:outside , #bbn`library and for dicing needs #bbn`dice. http://brunswickbynight.websta
#mariowiki 21 (g) 2017 is the Year Of Kirby | Waiting on: 1. <turb> | | howe 2 play cube: /connect 28785 bros
#draggyfreaky... 21 (g) With your host: DragonFreak | Official drug song of this chat: | Official Rabbitcast of Mariowiki: | Make sure to break up the link in nsfw pics! |:keyzer: | Song of the [Time Period]: | Watch my latest LP, Sonic Adventure DX:
#sunnybrook-ooc 19 (g) Welcome to Sanctum! | | Apply to join! Password: EarlyBloom | IC: #Sunnybrook-IC_ (type /join and replace _ with 1-7), #Sunnybrook-Fireflies | READ THE NEWS SIDEBAR ON THE SITE! | Congratulations to BobaFettuccine as our new Contributor! | | "Bird Brain" 6/03
#freeform 19 (g) welcome to #freeform // [OOC] // [[:: freeform RPG hub ::]] quote: "I'm time. You've asked for me a lot the past few months. I thought I'd call." | /start
#rumblestreet 17 (g) (18+ only): The Rumble Club hidden from the mortal view below the historical streets of New Orleans French Quarter. #RS_OOC for OOC - Setting ALERT 4/6/2017 b/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=815
#forest_ooc 17 (g) Welcome to Koniki's OOC(out of character) room. | Main channel: #Forest | Side channels: #South_City , #wrasslin (OOC, non-Forest), #Forest_Politics | New here? Check out: eneral_FAQ | http://konikiforest.proboards. com/thread/827/forum-update |
#help 17 (g) DarkMyst IRC Network Support | Please state your question and wait patiently for a response. Thank you! Please do not idle here and /part when you are finished so others can receive help in confidence. Thank you.
#imarel_ooc 16 (g) Welcome to the OOC channel for #Imarel - if you're in here, you are also RPing or planning to. Ask questions if you need help or use !help | Website: | Events:Journey to the Center of the Cosmos 2 PM EST 5/28 | Game Update: New Berserker Class! berserker.html | News Updated: 05/22/17 -
#wod-sf-ooc 15 (g) #WoD-SF-OOC: OOC chat and dice channel for #WoD-San_Francisco. Please PM an ST about creating a character. Site: http://wod.crescent-moon-studi Mail: | Next story night: Sat Jun 3rd | Upcoming deadline for Monthlies Thu Jun 8th | Last XP update Sun May 28th
#dd_ooc 15 (g) SIGN UP FOR THE WEEKLY DUNGEON CRAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOC= out of character channel to meet an greet an create your own char for #Demon'sDen FFRP.. LOOKING FOR NEW CHAR ....Visit help-npc for the roleplay commands
#vault_13 15 (g) Welcome to the REAL Fallout RPG! #New_Reno for general In Character Roleplaying, #Arena for any duels or official tournaments, and #Wasteland for any of our Quests. Our website is located here: ckreferences.htm
#forest 15 (g) Welcome to the Koniki Forest RP channel! Random, Serious, you want it, we got it!...except Porn. | Join #Forest_OOC for Out-Of-Character Chatting |
#imarel 15 (g) [Victorian Flavored, Magitech Style™ Semi-Free Form RP] Welcome to Imarel RPG! Current Setting:Archeologists and Merchants alike are wary of the presence of bandit raiders in the Tashri Desert. Visit: for info! | Type !help to get a list of bot commands open to players (available by /msg Xandra !help). #imarel_ooc is our OOC channel.
#news 15 (g) Welcome to #news | kin has kindly provided a news feed bot for us, a feed you want to see? let us know
#aeons_ooc 14 (g) | OOC/Dice for Dark Aeons :: World of Darkness RP | Camarilla & Sabbat / Risen (Wraith) / Mage | Use "?help commands" to get useful information. | Story Nights: Tuesday & Friday / General RP Anytime
#brunswick`by... 14 (g) Welcome to the Seville Inn standing on the brink of untold prosperity, but deep in the shadows, something is stirring. Monstrous horrors once thought to be myth are rising and threatening to emerge from the globe's murkiest recesses. Seville Inn is a safe haven. Entering the grand lobby, a clerk awaits your check-in. There is a bar to the left with a free buffet. #BbN`OOC
#sunnybrook-ic1 14 (g) IC1 | Continuous Open Scene: Andromeda Dorm Common Room | Don't trample other people - let them type their posts too! | Try to catch up and know what's going on before joining.
#lbchat 14 (g) welcome to #lbchat and enjoy your stay | rules: | rabbit: | #lbchat song of the... whenever; | lb watch spirited away <---- DO IT | LB is a MAN ;) | (list 'I 'hate 'Racket) | :bowser: | *Packy touches Nabber | ZVARRI! | discord server:
#new_reno 14 (g) Welcome to New Reno, the biggest little city. OOC is #Vault_13 The streets are fairly quiet nowadays, the eye of a storm, perhaps? Come join us at: , message a GM to help with your character today!
#mirc 13 (g) mIRC Help Channel - NEW VERSION: mIRC 7.49 Released: May 25th, 2017 download only: - Pastebin:
#sunnybrook-ic4 13 (g) IC4 | Closed/Open Scenes
#demon'sden 13 (g) * FFRP.. tropical island fantasy fun.. LOOKING FOR NEW CHARS... 18+ ONLY, join us in #DD_OOC to chat or make a char...Visit
#bd_ooc 13 (g) Welcome to the #Broken_Dagger OOC room! | Medieval Fantasy Free-Form Roleplay | Respect for all is a must. | Visit our website: | New players: /viewtopic.php?t=4706
#sunnybrook-ic3 12 (g) IC3 | Closed/Open Scenes
#sunnybrook-ic2 12 (g) IC2 | Closed/Open Scenes
#sunnybrook-ic7 12 (g) IC7 | Closed/Open Scenes and Fireflies OOC |
#neverlands-p... 12 (g) NEW PATCH TO DOWNLOAD izlicv90w0w/patchmarch152016.r ar?dl=0 Status ->UP LoginServer=,500 3| | ...please read the forums and facebook for updates Youtube page up Neverlands Phoenix
#sunnybrook-ic5 12 (g) IC5 | Closed/Open Scenes | The Best Channel
#sunnybrook-ic6 12 (g) IC6 | Closed/Open Scenes
#rs_dice 12 (g) Welcome to the dice rolling channel for the Rumble Street CWoD game. To roll dice please use `wod <dicepool> <difficulty> without the brackets. If you have an attack dicepool of 7 dice and it is difficulty 6 to succeed you would type `wod 7 6 . Please label rolls for logging purposes.
#ultramariochat 12 (g) Discord: Rabbit: | Rules: | um makes love with toilets, blue Goombas, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) & Knuckles | "\\\\\\\" ~ Smasher | <Yoshi2> i like miku (✿◡‿◡) | TOO MANY OPS | (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ |♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ| 凸 |fuck|Wow| [10:46pm]
#mwikiawards 12 (g) "An Excellent Meeting" - Chef Excellence, 2017 || Awards un-canceled thanks to court decided binding contract || 1st meeting hype || dex.php?topic=38178.0 Relevant Links || Number of meetings survived: 9 || Our mascot || jontron is a nazi
#wasteland 11 (g) Quest and overflow room for New Reno. OOC is #Vault_13 PQ Monday, 10/17 9pm est
#ha-ooc 11 (g)
#south_city 11 (g) | Welcome to Lesser South City! Not to be confused with Cardinal South City! | Part of the Koniki Community: You want it, we got it... except porn. | http://konikiforest.proboards. com | Join #forest_ooc for our OOC chat. | Soon. |
#trinity:ooc 11 (g) Welcome to the OOC Room for Trinity, a WoD Game set in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Dream for Tamsyn. Been to town or had some of Dallas' brew? Please see Sarah ASAP. XP Sunday.w20 books: id=0B9L2PbX1VEkHRFM2UmttNnlURE E ST Room: #Trinity:ST email:
#nitwit-tv 11 (g) Fluffy? Fluffy? | LIVE Thursdays @ 9-ish PM CTl! -> | Email us! | Hotline (251) 706-6404 | [04/25][16:01:59] <@dilligaf> They should put Prince on the 20 dollar bill and call it $19.99. It will be the bill formerly known as twenty.
#fc_ooc 11 (g) Welcome to the OOC channel of #Fort_City , a multi-genre free form role play setting. For your information needs, defer to m/ and have a nice day~! Temporary setting info
#rm.ooc 11 (g)
#lost_souls_t... 11 (g) All OOC in (( brackets )) please. #dragongate for OOC. for our setting info. Warm at night but effing hot during the day. The hills are starting to go golden as the grass dries out. Beware the Drop Bears - the leaves make it harder to see them.
#puddinchat 11 (g)
#wod-san_fran... 10 (g) World of Darkness: San Francisco - Vampire 20th Anniversary Edition dice-based RP - Head to #WoD-SF-OOC to see about creating a character. 10 (g) Official channel for
#eden`ooc 10 (g) sheeted cwod: vtm: https://neweden.obsidianportal .com/ , #eden`dome (core play channel) #eden`Elysium core vampire #NML`Caern core shifter http://nomansland.obsidianport
#fn_ooc 10 (g) (18+ only) OOC for present day WoD sheeted, diced & semi-freeform role play in #Final_Nights and affiliated rooms. Character approval, announcements and other pertinent details at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/ . BS & questions are welcome, just maintain an easygoing channel vibe. Judging, hating or complaining about our rules, players or ops is prohibited.
#aiterplobby 10 (g) Welcome to the Aite Mass Effect RP's OoC Lobby! | Our RP hubs are #Miner'sRespite and #RedrockAgency | Visit our forums at | Current month: November 2185 - ic140.html
#palkgiuschat 10 (g) #palkgiuschat is one of those things that you can throw overneath the bridge. Source? #palkgiuschat goes :|O | star totally wasn't here | #PACKYISSICKY | daily reminder df's userinfo | We all still miss Walkazo | idk anymore | (◕ ͜ʖ ◕) | * Lord_Bowser helps Packy :) :) :) | rip the things Smasher just killed for space | HAPPY WIGGER WEDNESDAY | ZVARRI!
#fort_city 10 (g) Pharos Enoch, the fortress city; an enigmatic anachronism beneath the lighthouse. No roads lead to it and yet all end at its gates. This is a multi-genre, free form role playing channel. For all your OOC needs, head on over to #FC_OOC Our website is m/
#ri-accord-ooc 10 (g) Welcome to the Rhode Island Accord OOC room! Please sign in d/1iMkhwQJfhHrMLnxRRKSWtpXR6IW a2FFpluNVaWntb_M/viewform Descriptions sheets/d/1ErNZpvPYv5PE2VM9wQCp SBhXoZuZmFVUfRTEmiFcevM/edit#g id=1181776070
#metropolis:ooc 10 (g) Welcome to Metropolis! http://metropoliswta.freeforum | ronicles/2631-metropolis-wta | http://metropoliswta.freeforum Remember Monthly Claims | m
#de*ooc 10 (g) [18+ users only] Welcome to Dragon*Effect, a semi-FFRP hub for multiple roleplaying themes. Check out #Dragon*Effect for Dragon Age or Mass Effect nights. #De*RustedNail for Urban Fantasy RP #DE*Fendragon for Harry Potter-themed RP set in Ireland! Visit http://www.spellboundconsortiu for details.
#heroes_assemble 10 (g)
#hypnotoad's_... 10 (g) WHIR WHIR WHIR
#sundered_realms 9 (g) Where Fantasy meets the Post Apocalyptic. Set in a future Earth after centuries of devastation and geopolitical upheaval. Game currently under construction, inquire within for information http://sundered-realms.forumot
#requiemuo 9 (g) RequiemUO: || Latest Updates: 11/23 - Twitch Stream and Quest on Friday 11/25/16 starting at 7:45pm EST, see this post s/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3257 || Discord:
#pol 9 (g) Welcome to #pol || || Latest commit 2016-03-23 || Logs at:
#s-run 9 (g) #S-Run Gaming Community @ | Games in #Shadow-Run & #Killin | Celebrating 20 Years of #S-Run! | Nickserv info @ lkthrough
#rs_mages 9 (g) Clean, practically sterile, but empty of most furniture. Service for 8, canned & frozen food in kitchen & freezer.
#little-birds... 9 (g) 'Little Birds Nest is Accord safe, it seems that it is harder to find than it has been in the past and there are no non-accord around the bar, in the bar or in the area, it seems as if people's eyes just slide right past it now. Gabriella is behind the bar and brings food and drink to people.People in the Accord can find the bar entrance.'
#efudominions 9 (g) Come, struggle to be pankoman: einfo.cgi?game=efumiddleage
#exile 9 (g) The Exile Collective Chatroom - the forums are working now!
#dragongate 9 (g) OOC channel for the #lost_souls_tavern and for also #dragongate_inn (mostly unused) and #Camera*Obscura (private and invite only) - Webpage ...................RIP Rena/Athame/o_0 .................yeah, we'll play if you do
#rs_plot 9 (g)
#broken_dagger 9 (g) Welcome to our Freeform Fantasy Role-Play channel! For OOC chat join #BD_OOC | | Respect for all is a must. | Grey skies and brisk winds by day. Late-night downpours make for chilly mornings.
#darkage 9 (g) Welcome to Dark Age: Reprisal, an Ultima Online Roleplaying Shard | Install guide: php?id=playersguide:installda | Crash guide: /viewtopic.php?f=79&t=2378 9 | SHARD: Down | Please read: /viewtopic.php?f=77&t=2544 8
#userpedia 9 (g) Welcome to #userpedia! Rules: :Chat || If you want to be in our logo, click here! ex.php?topic=1993.0 || Bunch of new things! ex.php?topic=1991.0 || Did you know? Neu is the best.
#nonamenetwork 9 (g) Welcome to the NoNameNetwork Chat Channel!
#flyingfoigets 8 (g)
#trinity:roug... 8 (g) Current Weather: https://www.theweathernetwork. com/ca/weather/ontario/toronto .There is an outside fire pit, around which is a circle of sturdy, well built benches. This is where, when the weather is nice, the members of the sept tend to gather. There is now a very large Canadian Maple there. The hall is: #Trinity:RougePark-MainHall ; the houses are #Trinity:House<name>
#all_new_trivia 8 (g) |||||||||| Welcome to #All_New_Trivia - we hope you enjoy our game :) |||||||||'
#red-curtain 8 (g) Welcome to the Red Curtain Project channel. For more information on RCP, please visit . There a number of games of different types that are open to new players. Please speak with a GM ( }o{ or [-oo-] ) if you are interested. - Game tonight (3/18/17) will be delayed slightly due to unforseen circumstances.
#rs_caern 8 (g)
#pikipedia 8 (g) Welcome to the chatroom of Pikipedia and Pikmin Fanon | Rules: t
#amigazeux 8 (g) "Our aim is to hike [OS4 registrations] up to at least around 7000 to 10.000 in the course of the next 3 years." - Ben Hermans
#rs_sideplot 8 (g)
#hammer_ooc 8 (g) This is the OOC chan of #HammerSmith . Big Event to happen soon. 18+ ONLY! NEW CHANNELS!!!! ) #Hammersmith #Hammer-ic1 #Hammer-ic2 #Hammer-ic3 #Hammer-ic4 . WIKI: http://hammersmithrp.wikidot.c om/start FORUMS: http://hammersmithrpg.forumoti #hammersmith IS AN OPEN RP ROOM
#overwatch-ne... 7 (g) Overwatch Network Operations Centre
#shadowrun 7 (g) Welcome to Shadowrun and the dark streets of Seattle. Hope you're cut out for them chummer. Looking for players and GM's. NOW PLAYING WARHAMMER FANTASY RP EVERY SUNDAY 8 PM EST. WANTED MORE SACRIFICES TO CHAOS (PLAYERS). INQUIRE WITHIN. **Order is Maedhros&co, Aithorn, Ulrich, The Gors, Siluvaine, the tiredlimp, Edgerrin, Alexi, the Crew.**'
#hammersmith 7 (g) Monsterhearts RPG- [OP DECISION IS FINAL]- all welcome - Will survival be possible? Or will your darkest self be revealed?. OOC chan: #Hammer_ooc . Description of Hammersmith: OPEN RP - HOP ON IN
#whateley-ooc 7 (g) OOC channel for Whateley roleplay and discussion - Rules: s3/index.php?t=msg&goto=43 365 FAQ: s3/index.php?t=msg&goto=68 395
#yoshin 7 (g) Join my discord,
#narfell 7 (g) Welcome to Narfell! Visit our website at Server is UP! Direct Connect to
#oo-ic 7 (g)
#planarlost_ooc 7 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is our OOC channel - Check out our site for more information: m/ --- IC Channel: #PlanarLost // Side IC Channels: #PlanarLost2, #PlanarLost3
#wrasslin 7 (g) Let it be known that at 9:04 Eastern Standard Time on the thirtieth of June in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fourteen, I, Josef, Esq., owned the rest of #wrasslin with a prediction they all laughed at. | Rise of the Beast 6-15-15
#tech 7 (g) Technical Discussions for Data Processing Enthusiasts and Information Services Professionals | 2017 Site of the Year: "Has Anybody Here Seen My Corpse?" <3
#oo-ooc 7 (g)
#arena 7 (g) Where those in Reno go to spill a bit of blood. OOC is #Vault_13
#final_nights 7 (g) Welcome to Chicago's Castle Eterna, the main RP gathering hall for #Final_Nights and affiliated channels (18+ only) WoD Role Play. #FN_OOC is our out of character chat room. See Auto for character approval and creation. Check our forums at: http://castleeterna.freeforums .net/
#crystal-hall 7 (g) RP Channel #1 for Official Whateley RP - come join #whateley-ooc for talking.
#teaparty-op 7 (g)
#crystal-hall-2 7 (g) RP Channel #2 for Official Whateley RP - come join #whateley-ooc for talking.
#rs_caernheart 7 (g)
#dm*ooc 7 (g) 18+ invitation only roleplaying channel. OOC room is #DM*OOC this is open to anyone to come and chat. The roleplaying channel however is open only to poeple whom have committed to the Storyline and are willing to give input into the actual creation of the channel's "life" as a roleplaying setting. Please hop into our ooc and chat with us to learn about this world we have created.
#sa_ooc 7 (g) " It was the year of fire... the year of destruction... the year we took back what was ours. It was the year of rebirth... the year of great sadness... the year of pain... and the year of joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed." Next Game: June 11th, 2017 Check out the new and improved Wiki:
#planarlost 7 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is our IC (RP) channel - Check out our site for more information: m/ --- OOC Channel: #PlanarLost_OOC // Side IC Channels: #PlanarLost2, #PlanarLost3
#paperchat 7 (g) MCD goes :|O | SonicMario is decreed dead, Toadbert claims rule after ensuing anarchy | =DELvF8KTfFg | =oFHs1fOyVfA
#wanderlust:ooc 7 (g) OOC : ST email: m |
#nexchat 7 (g) Discord Server: | NEXchat, where conversations go to DIE! | Rules: | Daily reminder that Shy Guy is too small. | ribs | ITC: [UltraMario] TOP LIL | At least we aren't 4chan. | /me falls out of his chair | unR.I.P. NEXandGBX
#crossings_ooc 7 (g) Welcome to the OOC room for the Crossings RP Network! Check out the website at | | Do you know where your towel is?
#kentanimeted 6 (g) Year XIX 2015-2016 - - Weekly showings every Thursday, 7pm in Grimond Lecture Theatres - Say hello and give people a few minutes to respond :3 - Check out the KentGeek calendar for more UKC fun times
#soldiers_peak 6 (g)
#rs_vamps 6 (g) The Private IC Rooms for the Kindred of Rumble Street. You can find the descriptions for the Vampire Rooms here: RumbleStreet/Forum/viewtopic.p hp?f=19&t=68&sid=a8cc4 1e31e07ba2ae339a3166db4fa35
#farmhouse 6 (g)
#waterdeep 6 (g) Red Curtain D&D 3.5 Forgotten Realms roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#cosmic_nomad 6 (g) The Special Day Finally Arrives! The Fated Union!
#crossings_pa... 6 (g)
#trinity:st 6 (g) What happens in the ST room stays in the ST room. STs must also do everything in their power to NOT immediately blow up at each other at the littlest slights.
#septdefense 6 (g)
#rs_concept 6 (g) This is the concept and character creation live discussion room for Rumble Street. Character Creation workshops are held Monday - Thursday. If you are a new player to Rumble Street feel free to ask questions and relay concepts anytime and we will happily assist as needed. Fridays - Sundays are generally reserved for Plot and RP. Visit us at #RS_OOC for ooc discussion and chat.
#challenges 6 (g)
#enchanted_fo... 6 (g) no one can custruct for you the bridge upon which you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself along - friedrich nietzsche
#treehuggers 6 (g) 'Cause we live on | https://spillklubben.samfunnet .no/Filer/ad&dbooks/comple te%20druid%27s%20handbook.pdf
#mcdchat 6 (g) 🐙 fuck 🐙 🦑 town 🦑
#crossings_pa... 6 (g)
#apocalypse-ooc 6 (g) PENDING FOR NOW. This is the official Apocalypse Out of Character Room for Camarilla Member Clubs. The IC room is #Apocalypse [ Website: http://wiki.mindseyesociety.or g/index.php/Apocalpyse_Irc_VSS ] - PM an op in here for the password to the IC room. PLEASE WATCH YOUR SWEARING IN HERE, THANK YOU!
#familyroom 6 (g) Private family conversation
#rs_shifters 6 (g) The private IC rooms for the Shifters of Rumble Street. You can find the descriptions for the Shifter rooms here: RumbleStreet/Forum/viewtopic.p hp?f=19&t=94&sid=a8cc4 1e31e07ba2ae339a3166db4fa35
#duckyroom 5 (g) used the last remaining amount of my spirit force to transform mny daughter into a mana blade so that she will nevery cry again #AFathersPain
#tom 5 (g) ToM chatroom. Winter is over, enjoy the mud!
#planarlost2 5 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is one of our side channels. Check out our site for more information: m/ --- Main OOC Channel: PlanarLost_OOC // Main IC Channel: #PlanarLost
#banjochat 5 (g) R.I.P. David Bowie | all hail smooth jazz waluigi | #banjochat is a meme free zone; memes will be terminated with extreme prejudice | mages/original/000/722/468/620 .jpg
#regulus 5 (g)
#efushadowsooc 5 (g) "Welcome to #efushadowsooc, now playing Memorial Day muzak all day at inaudible levels."
#sq 5 (g) This is the OOC Channel for #trinsic. || m || Current Game: Metagame, DM Ascii, D&D 3.5, level 6, 13K gold, 5d6 drop 2 reroll 1s || Next game: Geometric Archipelago 7: Dragons on Semicircle Island, DM mainstreet, D&D 3.5, Level 10, 49K Gold, 5d6 drop 2 reroll1s
#bd_ops 5 (g)
#whateley-theory 5 (g) Revised Theories : http://crystal-memories.wikido
#newhaven_ooc 5 (g) A Semi FreeForm oWoD game set in a small town in modern day Indiana. Concept Approval needed. No mundane PCs, no child PCs & no porn. No lurking in IC rooms without permission. RL & IC Age 18+. For main general IC room go to #NewHaven:Library
#primordia 5 (g) Welcome to Castle Magnus, a vastly extravogant court of many powerful beings. Earthly expectations are best left behind here. You are now in a horizon realm on the planet Primordia, entirely apart from the terran middle umbra known as the planet, Earth.
#blather 5 (g) hiiiii
#requiemuo_staff 5 (g) Requiem UO: Staff || #reqserv for ReqServ status. || Password for ReqServe now pw1
#bich 5 (g) Welcome to #bich | Icicle's used-to-be channel | Ask Yoshi2 or Meta_Knight for flags (if u r not a bich)
#he-bitchrant 5 (g) Welcome to the House Eros ( bitchrant channel! The community rules are available at role-playing-forum/index.php?t opic=12680.0
#castle 5 (g) Welcome to the Castle's grand reopening. Watch for falling debris and try our new cafeteria while you're here. We serve everything but ham steak and horse meat. | Today's lucky number: "" | The Castle rules: ( g) Follow them!
#blackoak 5 (g) The House of Blackoak - Rags to Riches. | Battle the Savages, hunt the treasure, glory in the arena!
#sw_ooc 5 (g) Star Wars RPG set in the Old Republic | Saga Edition (D20-based) rules | Campaign IC channel: #SW_Redemption | Dice-rolling: #SW_Dice | Free-form meet-and-greet set in the future of our main story: #Cantina | More information and community rules available here: | Next IC event: Thursday, Jan 26, 8:30 PM CST, agenda TBD
#saltmines 5 (g) efu's unofficial shittalking channel. Because I don't care to play e-policeman all day - Ironside
#m:hall 5 (g) The Hall is lightly Decorated for casual use, Around the hall are Several Cork Boards with info pinned on them http://metropoliswta.freeforum
#khaeros 5 (g) Server Status: Down|| n-One.rar|| New Map Patch: ap+Art-2-9-2017.rar
#dark_aeons 5 (g) for Rules & for the current Story | Main RP/Story Channel | Vampire and Mage RP set in New Orleans | Join #Aeons_OOC for info!
#hatrp 5 (g)
#trl 5 (g) Chat channel for The Ring Lord.
#ssk 5 (g)
#wtf 5 (g) The penalty shall be hugs! | Do whatever, just don't be a dick. | Get the fuck out, 2016!
#luxnova 5 (g) (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜~~☆That's a Bingo☆~~〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) | THE IMPORTANT STUFF IS DONE, PREPARE YOUR SHEET | orumdisplay.php?f=40563 | Current progress: Waiting for sheets; will add some setting details as we go along. | Faction/NPC list:
#imaeri_mount... 5 (g)
#wod-sf-st 5 (g) #WoD-SF-ST World of Darkness: San Francisco - Storytellers only. If you are not a storyteller you shouldn't be here.
#xaviers-ooc 5 (g) Out of Character channel for Xavier's Institute for Gifted Individuals. IC channels @ #Xaviers-Institute #Xaviers-Brotherhood and #Xaviers-MutantTown Forums @ .php
#planarlost3 5 (g) Welcome, weary wanderer, to Planar Lost, the Heart of Roleplay! This is one of our side channels. Check out our site for more information: m/ --- Main OOC Channel: PlanarLost_OOC // Main IC Channel: #PlanarLost
#only-in-ooc 5 (g) Welcome to an ALMOST freeform Changeling the Dreaming Game. No title above Knight. ngeling Game room #Only-in-Dreams To Make Sheet Two character per player, one Seelie one Unseelie perferred. Recommended Characters Maybe Played Unsheeted for a Single Month. Ask Clara to Play NPC Knights for To...
#thelabyrinth 5 (g)
#me_ic2 4 (g)
#nlp-staff 4 (g) /?app=wbe login ip:,5003 testserverip,2893|
#esway 4 (g) elder scrolls: skyrim, the everway game. private channel, character gen in progress!
#xaviers-muta... 4 (g) IC channel for RP in Mutant Town. PbP Institute forum located at; .php?showforum=15 Forum scenes do not exist in the timeline until the scene is finished and closed.
#wake_the_dead 4 (g) The Adventures of Buttrock. ((Game resumes Nov 4 - too busy to work on it))
#clichetrivia 4 (g) Fun, fast and easy Cliches. Just type !trivia to start and !help to see the commands. Don't forget to type !server to see the bot server. Have fun :D Webpage - http://aussietriviainformation
#mbng_ooc 4 (g) Welcome to the Nightmare Game! GM is preparing scenes of magic, despair, and yuri. Please wait warmly. Session Update! Games begin around 10pm EST on Sundays. | Kiyami Factions: | Total XP Earned: 12 | MBRewrite Update! No more beta! Version 1.0:
#cantina 4 (g) Long Ago, In a galaxy far, far away. . . Star Wars Roleplaying Game set in Pre-Revan Old Republic (1025 AET or 3976 BBY). Setting is the Randy Gundark Cantina in Cinnagar's main spaceport on Empress Teta. OOC Channel: #SW_OOC - - - Dragonwielder: This is why we can't have nice things.
#fn_assamites... 4 (g) Assamite Keep on the Primordian horizon realm within the massive court of Castle Magnus. The keep supports libraries, training areas and secure living quarters for members of the Assamite clan.
#eden`dome 4 (g) This is a General Role-Play for #eden`ooc (Current place :"Eden Park")
#sysadmins 4 (g)
#pfchat 4 (g) MOTD: Welcome to the "Don't Roll In PCGF Channel", feel free to ask me why!
#waw 4 (g) The Warders and Watchers
#adylheim 4 (g) Open for play! heim/index/
#reqserv 4 (g) ReqServ
#2277 4 (g) The OOC Channel for Vancity 2277, a cyberpunk-fantasy RPG. Under Construction.
#dumpster 4 (g)
#vashni 4 (g)
#lawrencecoun... 4 (g) IC is available in #LC:Vigil Submit characters on ronicles/3101-sand-fork PM OP for stuff to do.
#hounds:ooc 4 (g) Welcome to the Hounds OOC Channel. Hounds is a WtA MET system. Based around a single nomadic MC (Motorbike Club) and bringing the fight to the wyrm wherever it dwells. Our website: http://phoenixkilldare.wixsite .com/hohell
#slaver_caravan 4 (g) @> [ #Slaver_Caravan is the OOC channel for #The-Enslaved-Rose ][ 18+ only ][ #The-Enslaved-Rose is a 18+ Dungeons and Dragon channel for kinky types, and those interested in naughty roleplay. ][ Submissions for business ideas, stories accepted @ ]
#aussietrivia 4 (g) ~~|_|]~~|_|] Can you beat Dragon_Fire? !trivia to start. Your best words per minute, streak, & fast answer times are kept each month. Type !stats to see your stats. !Server to see the server. This Trivia runs around 16 hours a day. To play in a 24/7 Trivia > Webpage - http://aussietriviainformation " ~""]~""]
#xaviers-brot... 4 (g) IC channel for RP concerning The Brotherhood. PbP Institute forum located at; .php?showforum=14 Forum scenes do not exist in the timeline until the scene is finished and closed.
#triviablitz 4 (g) You want trivia? Can you handle the trivia?! Bonuses, Mega Bonuses, Jackpots, and your stats kept permanently. It's, it's, a trivia blitz. Let's goooooooooo :) Facebook Group - s/971353722938591/ Webpage - http://aussietriviainformation
#jokes 4 (g) Its Joke! v=D8cvgQJFDeo
#vancity 4 (g) The IC RP channel for Vancity 2277, a cyberpunk-fantasy RPG. Under Construction.
#poirmods 4 (g) PoIR Mod Channel | PoIR is now at hosted by Keiro. x.php/topic,4846.msg43459.html POST IN HERE IF YOU'RE UP FOR ADMINING STILL In case of spam attack: /mode #touhou +im | Please do not idle in the channel if not a moderator/admin! Ping Keiro if site's down, etc. New app: index.php/topic,
#crossings_to... 4 (g)
#bbn:outside 4 (g) For scenes played in courtyard or other outside locations for #Brunswick`by`Night
#me_ooc 4 (g) Potatoes
#fts-ooc 4 (g) Out of Character discussion room for Fairy Tale Shadows. The game is based upon fairytales and folklore. Permitted characters are those that are either overlooked in talking about fairy tales or had minor/secondary rolls in the well known tales. Inquiries about characters should be directed to GirlElf and Eleanor-Rigby.
#x_player_20x... 4 (g) Rules: | Mariowiki: 3D_Player_2010 | Kirbywiki: D_Player_2011 | Metroidwiki: i/User:2D_Player_2004
#thetangledweb 4 (g) Welcome to the official IRC Channel for The Tangled Web gaming forums | Looking for a game? Try the Recruiting Office! Happy gaming!
#reqconsortium 4 (g) s/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=207 2 If you do not have access, please ask for it.
#doggiecomics 4 (g) Welcome to Doggie Comic. I Now Playing: MnM3e Mon:Omniverse: [] 7C | Tue:Skool 7C | Fri:Lone Heroes: [] 8C | 3.5: Sat:Dungeon Welps 8C | Info: | Join #Dragonlance for OOC and #M&M for Coms News, TV, and Radio! | :( miss you.
#raitoshiguna 4 (g)
#vycironden 4 (g) The Barony of the Vyslinicard Clan. All uninvited guests are subject to removal via ballista-fire, mage-fire, or flaming hot marshmallow dragon fire.
#rifts_ooc 4 (g) Sunday games...let the adventurening begin! 3pm EST is start time
#englishreido... 4 (g) 日本語だぞ~
#yaoi 4 (g) M/M Sexual RP + Chat | Rules: /forum/index.php?topic=19033.m sg898063
#daakushiguna 4 (g) Premium Samasus
#greyhawk 4 (g) Welcome to the World of Greyhawk and the land of Oerth. NEXT GAME: NEXT WEEK, Sundays 7c-11:30c, remember to join #d20 for die rolls! Lurkers welcome! For more info check our web board http://darkmystroleplaying.gro'
#sw_redemption 4 (g) Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... | Star Wars Roleplaying game set in the Old Republic | OOC channel: #SW_OOC | Wiki site:
#requiemuo_ma... 4 (g) RequiemUO Mapping Team || Latest Task/News 9/3 Map Roll Call! Post if you're interested in remaining on the team! s/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=297 0
#crush 4 (g)
#bd_outside 4 (g)
#bd_elsewhere 4 (g)
#me_ic 4 (g)
#eleventhhour 4 (g) Invite-only VtM game set in Albany, NY around a Camarilla court.- Forum: http://theeleventhhour.freefor! Happy Easter!
#sspg 4 (g)
#underhell 4 (g) The Hell setting for the specific hell that Damien is from.
#kineticblaze 4 (g) Kinetic Blaze, Episode 0: Everything old is new again. LET'S BLAZE
#crossings_sh... 4 (g) On location in Oregon with the DPS
#mwiki-killin... 4 (g) Coming soon...
#operationhq 4 (g) Welcome to the Operational and Maintenance Channel of The Koniki Forest!
#covenant 4 (g) Covenant of the Pure
#lakeside_ooc 4 (g) Welcome to Lakeside City's OOC (out of character) room. For rp, join #lakeside. | New here? Check out our wiki:
#xaviers-inst... 4 (g) IC channel for RP at The Institute. PbP Institute forum located at; .php?showforum=13 Forum scenes do not exist in the timeline until the scene is finished and closed.
#lakeside 4 (g) Welcome to Lakeside City, an RP about androids at war, fighting to save - or destroy - humanity. | #lakeside_ooc for non-RP talk. | Check out for active events/missions and character rosters.
#efucats 4 (g) All the kitties!
#the-plot 4 (g) Staff Batcave "We are not minions of evil. We are upper management."
#d20_dice 4 (g) dice / ooc / peanut gallery for #Erics_D20_IRC_game
#wod-sf-3 4 (g) #WoD-SF-3 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#doshalasfallooc 4 (g) Doshala's Fall OOC Channel. I'm moving all discussion of the game here because #RW-OOC is not a good space, probably. Next session 10/29, 8am AEDT (GMT+11), 5pm EDT. Or after if sleepyharpy.
#miawind 4 (g) Ultima Online Roleplay Shard | If MiaBot is online, we are around...
#sf2hack 4 (g) Work continues | SVNs back up | Home of the Caravan, a new Shining Force II Editor | Get version 0.6 here! z8nnaz | A tribute to one of our own, ZeXr0. R.I.P
#aeons_outdoors 4 (g) for Rules & for the current Story | Outdoors / Overflow scenes for Dark Aeons | Vampire and Mage RP
#erics_d20_ir... 4 (g) d20 game played 1/wk (saturday) based in forgotten realms : http://ericssundayircd20game.o
#vh_plottinge... 4 (g) Welcome to #VH_PlottingEvilThings, the OOC channel for #Vampirehall, a place of loosely-based White Wolf d10 diced role play for primarily vampire, mage and shifter characters. We use a custom game/rule system called the Lex. The Lex, character reps and any other channel info can be found on our forums at Please be respectful to each other.
#survivors 3 (g)
#wc_main 3 (g) Welcome to West Coast Chronicles, a WOD20 Game! Please join #WC_OOC for OOC chat!
#sundered_rea... 3 (g)
#ch*ooc 3 (g) [Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay] Out of Character Channel for #Cobalt*Hill and #CH*Beyond | Character sheet required for play, please. | Visit us at [ cobalt ] | Cobalt Official Peeps: Looking for new players. Password: Cellar Door.
#akkad 3 (g)
#dragongate_inn 3 (g) Reopening in 2012
#greyshiguna 3 (g)
#testyo 3 (g) Welcome to Testyo's IRC bot channel! Blackjack, scrambled word, hangman, Cards Against Humanity, and more! For help, go here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent. com/u/47921869/Permanent/Testy o/Help.html
#joanimeshow 3 (g) motivator0ec1e3c7feff1bbb954b0 df9afa4b7d4bc4951cb.jpg
#xaviers-ops 3 (g)
#crimsonwood 3 (g)
#thecoven 3 (g)
#rc_starwars 3 (g) Red Curtain Star Wars revised roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#only-in-dreams 3 (g) Loose Sheeted Changeling The Dreaming Game. Please fill out ngeling-sheets Setting New York in the Court of High King David #Only-in-OOC to roll `wod <dice> <diff>
#yaoimongers_ooc 3 (g)
#upmeetings 3 (g) bloop
#lion'spride 3 (g) Lion Clan Game lion-clan-letter-01 OOC Room #Harp'sSound
#puzzleheads 3 (g) -,--`-<{@ ¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨ `*•.¸♥♥♥¸.•*´¨`* •.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸ @}>-,--`- | The world is our oyster, babe ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡ | "I love you." "jinx!" | There are not enough firetrucks to quench my thirst to see you again this weekend~
#kgs 3 (g) irc is dead, long live slack
#the`sanctuary 3 (g) Located on Whidbey Island in Washington state, just an hour from Seattle, The Sanctuary is a lush, 7200-acre forest filled with trees, sculptures, a large lake, walking paths and meditation groves. There is a large central common area, with kitchen, seating, sunroom and fire, and several smaller cabins scattered throughout the area. Current Weather: 42 F | Showers | 11 MPH Wind
#yggdrasil 3 (g) uwu
#camera*obscura 3 (g) (Private Project, ask before playing #Dragongate) An Island on a large lake in Virginia. Its cool and overcast.
#nychat 3 (g)
#rollinghills 3 (g)
#crossinglines 3 (g) BIG RED BEARDS
#goldandbones 3 (g)
#nwnights-fr 3 (g) La Bibliothèque de NWN: Encodage: UTF-8 ☭
#ts`ooc 3 (g) OOC room for #The`Sanctuary | http://sanctuaryrpg.yolasite.c om/
#ags 3 (g) Welcome to the Adventure Gaming Society at the University of Kent <> <> s/KentAGS/
#daysaga 3 (g)
#aureama 3 (g) Private fantasy roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#thelosthero_... 3 (g) Recent Adventure: Matthew push himself to perfect the device to get the heros home, but during testing, a new person arrive, ACE! and he soon sneak into the lab to summon a friend....
#drunkpf 3 (g) Current Rules: The group is not full of murderhobos, the group is not full of murderhobos...
#cobalt*hill 3 (g) [Superhero Comic-Inspired Roleplay] Cobalt Hill, Salem Massachusetts, and everything in between. | Character sheet required for play, approvals within 1 week! | Visit us at [ cobalt ] and #CH*OOC for out-of-character chat.
#vaultgm 3 (g)
#outsiders_ooc 3 (g)
#awesome_volc... 3 (g)
#shadowglen 3 (g)
#dpchat 3 (g)
#dungeon 3 (g) 'Welcome to Dungeon our RPG HUB. Meet here to discuss all things RPG and other things too. Currently playing "Drakenskald" a 3.5 DnD campaign. Next Game: EVERY FRIDAY 8:30PM EDT.
#thehalls 3 (g) The Halls, The Faded Realm. Once the prestigious extraplanar guildhall of a forgotten order of mages, these halls have been long since abandoned by their makers…and rediscovered by us. Numerous races and cultures now populate the halls, and this place now plays host to its own gods. Carve out your niche, and explore the halls. After all, is not like we can get out again…
#exalted_pst 3 (g)
#warhammer 3 (g) "Welcome to the Olde World, the grimm setting of the Warhammer universe." This channel is for all things Warhammer Fantasy RPG and Warhammer 40k RPG - Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader. Deathwatch, Black Crusade and Only War.'
#tomdm 3 (g) Congratulations to the team for getting past the Big Server Crunch
#sn_ooc 3 (g) Welcome to #SN_OOC! This is the OOC Channel for the FFRP Channel, #Savannah_Nights. Come on in, chill (aka lurk), and get to know everyone! NO sheet or approval required. Play nice!
#councilors 3 (g)
#coacharacters 3 (g) Welcome to #coacharacters. This channel is for discussing/brainstorming your character concept for CoA. Leave a message or PM if no one is here when you are. ~Echo
#mhgchat 3 (g) Welcome to the hip MHG channel! You might think Mafia is dead, but we're here to try and revive it again! # GBAKnight2017 // "Make Mafia Great Again" // all of your coins have been stolen
#lennox 3 (g)
#bahamut 3 (g)
#stewards 3 (g)
#bbn`dice 3 (g) Dice channel for #Brunswick`by`Night~http://bru dex.html
#fantendo 3 (g)
#aerta 3 (g) The IC Channel for the Aerta RP setting.
#aeons_daylight 3 (g) for Rules & for the current Story | Daylight Scenes for Dark Aeons
#lux_arcadia 3 (g)
#pikchat 3 (g) <insert topic thingy here>
#rs_park 3 (g)
#genua 3 (g) Jinn/Kouji kid = Alice ; Shiyoko/Erland kid = Kamala ; Vidya/Erland Kid = Sumati ; Noriko/Souha Kid = Sumiho; Setsu/Erland Kid = Shiva; Suzume/Shikou Kid = Suzaku ; Potential Jinn/Sadame child = Seiga || npc account = ickynurse1 | Last SJ Issue read: January 20th, 2014 || Words to remember: Ettosyleit; Labirinto || Card Script: type_xi/findcard.ini
#mirage 3 (g) Shutting down IRC - meet us on Discord here:
#wod-sf-2 3 (g) #WoD-SF-2 - IC channel supporting #WoD-San_Francisco Please head over to #WoD-SF-OOC for ooc discussion and character submissions.
#aerta_ooc 3 (g) OOC channel for the #Aerta RP channel. Party Inventory: Overworld Map:
#d20 3 (g) Welcome to D20 Your die rolling channel for Greyhawk, Dungeon, Traveller,Shadowrun, Warhammer and all of the channels associated with them.
# 3 (g)
#fellowship 3 (g) We are the New Fellowship
#peacefulskel... 3 (g)
#hammer-ic1 3 (g)
#nightmarefou... 3 (g) A 1980's world of darkness game Set in sin city Las Vegas! ~ Forum: http://nightmarefoundation.fre ~ Wiki: http://nightmarefoundation.wik ~ Main Channels: Vampire Elysium: #TheMuse (VtM Only) ~ Garou Caern: #RedRocks (WtA Only) ~ Mummy: #TheNileResort , #TNR_VIP (Public) ~ Dice/Challenges: #NightmareFoundation_Dice ~ See Wiki for More.
#maldion 3 (g) Spring 462, Year of the Dragon. World Map:
#thornfield 3 (g)
#walao 3 (g) Idle and perform.
#blkdragon*inn2 3 (g)
#indi 3 (g) "The New Age" - Koneg Az-Agul, Valley of Kings - 30 First Rain, 501 3E
#yuri 3 (g) F/F Sexual RP + Chat | Rules: role-playing-forum/index.php?t opic=12680.0
#scorchhouse 3 (g)
#hammer-ops 3 (g) brainmeats get munched here
#realms_arcad... 3 (g)
#uno 3 (g) how to play: | to play Wild Draw Four wd4 | to play wild w | trivia in #trivia | start uno with !uno'
#zomgplots 3 (g) Watch this space| It's not doing anything. >.>
#uoroleplay 3 (g) Make Sure you get the updated files: ewtopic.php?f=10&t=5662
#eden`dice 3 (g) !helpdice
#reisen'sluna... 3 (g)
#trusting 3 (g)
#vt_lobby 3 (g) Sorry I'm so busy lately i will be on more in june, i'm not bailing OOC for #Vampire'sTouch Working on rebuilding the channel, renovating a new setting and bring life back into some good ole roleplaying. so stick around , site with rules and info to come soon etouch
#bbn`minahsroom 3 (g)
#heims`house 3 (g)
#suzysroom 3 (g)
#havenooc 3 (g) OOC Channel for #TheHaven [Under Construction] This is an 18+ environment.
#reqlegion 3 (g)
#the_black_pearl 3 (g) Avast! Private game, savvy???
#wulinacademy 3 (g) 4/1/2017: Same as last week. Doctors demand you feel sorry for GM. Asuka/Miyako session intended, but Sick GM may be late. If 1h late, I apologize, buy ice cream cake for everyone, and get rest yourselves too
#pokemon 3 (g) RIP Takeshi Shudō || urrentevents.shtml || HOENN CONFIRMED || btw this channel is an empty dead husk of its former self || *** fun was kicked by ChanServ (Banned: ) <-- No Fun Allowed
#danaus-ooc 3 (g) Freeform SciFi roleplay on a mining space station. RP channel is #station-danaus. For rules and information visit
#68kdev 3 (g) The official irc channel of http://sixtyeightthousanddev.f | The server will be migrating soon.
#ishtar 3 (g) coughing is a sign of power
#harp'ssound 3 (g) Hub for a Group of Legend of the Five Rings Games that run for certain Clans.
#bbn`library 3 (g) The library contains some very old books as well as journals and maps to secret tunnels and the history of Seville if one were so inclined to look
#allustrialarms 3 (g)
#fairy-tale-s... 3 (g)
#borp 3 (g) Rules: 1) Political correctness is a bannable offense. 2) Whatever the hell Borp feels like. 3) You better like Mario, son.
#mf169chat 3 (g)
#potatosrocktoo 3 (g)
#narfell_dm 3 (g) Please check C-token voting often! WE are responsible for new players! | Please check php?name=Forums&file=viewt opic&t=40918 to see if anythings left out || Server: Tech Support, Focus Group
#arcane_sanctum 3 (g)
#potatosrock 3 (g) Potato Pie
#vampirehall 3 (g) Constructed in the early 1680's in Boston, MA. Highly polished Marble floors, statues and art of various great kindred, 2 large granite fireplaces, The bar serves all drinks in either silver goblets or crystal glasses. Oak tables, velvet padded chairs and sofa furnishings. A large pool table in the far end of the Hall as well as a modern sound system. (No Masq)
#junction`city 3 (g) The book of humanity closes and the words "The End" are given upon us all, yet the story continues in a new location: Hell on Earth. [FFRPG Post-Apocalyptic Role Play See Op For Details. https://postapocolyptic.wordpr ]
#gaias`scales 3 (g) The stream is in the woods away from clearing. However the packhouses are protected <<also used for packlink>> the cabins look like this < og/1363988511906/images/cabins _for_rent_in_southern_illinois .jpg > NKZ & NOGM ~ FOR INFO type in channel !Earthbone !Hearthstone !Firepit !Cabin !PathStone !Chimes
#irnbroadcast 3 (g) Welcome to The Internet Radio Network Chatroom |
#rc_traitor 3 (g)
#giantmecha 3 (g) x.php?title=File:Formes_des_Bl asons_Ecus_Coats_of_Arms.svg&a mp;page=1 #7 Sword, dividing middle, pointing up. Left: glasses and gears, right: wing and drill. Left background blue, right background red. Sword silver, rest: gold. Supporters: Cockatiels. Container: Branches. Helm: Hood. Crest: /files/u107/Psi.jpg scal...
#w10chat 3 (g) jhi | fisk | sfgrrwhhhhhhhhhEFGHYJUYH
#esway-kara 3 (g)
#sundered_rea... 3 (g)
#sword_sail_s... 3 (g) Red Curtain 7th Sea d20 roleplay - for open roleplay opportunities, please check in #Red-Curtain
#wc_ooc 3 (g) Welcome to West Coast Chronicles. A WOD20 game set in San Diego. Please join #WC_Main for In Character play! Talk to Asuka for character creation information
#iobaria 3 (g)
#axe&frost 3 (g)
#omen-ooc 3 (g) The OOC Channel for Omen: The Foreshadowed Lands. Website available at New Wiki! Check this out - Great Resource for Players: Quest Monday.
#therise 3 (g)
#trl2 3 (g)
#nozombies 3 (g) There are monsters worse than zombies in the real world...
#ironthronerp 3 (g) Welcome to Iron Throne RP! We are now based on Discord! Join us over there to chat with your fellow members!! <3
#dahelp 3 (g) Dark Age help channel -- leave idle conversation for #darkage. || Player Commands: /viewtopic.php?p=71569#71569 || u.php?id=playersguide:installd a || - Best way to get the attention of a GM is to trigger our highlight alerts.
#narshe-staff 3 (g) the hypocrisy of your mod team even after so many years still overwhelms me.
#coin&blade 3 (g) 18+ DnD 5e game about a mercenary/caravan guild set in Forgotten Realms setting. nt/d/1_3T8QLqBwi7gsCv-58o7Z7Qr gZzHpGdlmfG3MLSvSzY/edit?usp=s haring
#aeioutest 3 (g) test
#boo 3 (g) Hiyo! Welcome to #Boo || Also try: #Ultramariochat #Testyo #awesome #W10chat #nexchat #X_Player_20XX's_Chatroom || 2Spooky4Boo || The Offical Anti TZB, Scr7, and Dr. Pain 99 channel || R.I.P. Walkazo (1991-2016), you will be missed :'( || Ban Log: http://userwiki.thexephyrboard .net/wiki/index.php?title=User :Boo4761/Ban_Log |
#blkdragon*arena 3 (g)
#mariowikikart7 3 (g) There may not be another awards tournament for Mario Kart 7 but this is my channel now
#613 3 (g)
#trinity:dice 3 (g) To roll type: !wod <pool> <DC> DC is 6 unless posted otherwise
#asabove 3 (g) As above...
#vampire'stouch 3 (g) Touch now open, welcome to Bar Harbor Maine, please see the website etouch ~~ and come sit with us in the #vt_lobby my days will be speratic on and off untill june 3rd but please return, enjoy the fun any questions, sheets bg's sent to
#yaoimongers 3 (g)
#trivia 3 (g) use !ask to start
#da-build 3 (g) Build server details: /viewtopic.php?f=93&t=2415 2 | Latest Map:
#mwikistaff 3 (g) *** AN ACTUAL STAFF CHANNEL *** 2257 = Shoutmon; Edo = Gabumon; GF75 = caligulasAquarium, adiosToreador, every other name; MrConcreteDonkey = himself; Cobold = Linux Terminator; Crocodile_Dippy = Pokemon DP; 2+2=5; Miis = 恐怖; Miis = worse than the devil; Wii Family Edition = Worst console in history
#hollingsworth 3 (g)
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#yes 3 (g) <Lane> eggs are like my favourite animal
#eden`elysium 3 (g) This is Elysium For #Eden`ooc https://neweden.obsidianportal .com/wikis/up-coming-event
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